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Introduction: Building Instructables for Family Fun

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I have been trying to come up with ideas for the "Maker Mom's contest." Tonight I realized I already had everything that I needed to write up the instructable that best suited my idea of what scoochmaroo says:
"Yeah, we want to see how you have fun with your families - building things together, crafting, camping, cooking, whatever it is. To enter the contest, simply make a new Instructable showing others how your family has fun. If it's bringing your family together, we want to learn how you do it!"

A few weeks ago my son and his new bride spent three wonderful weeks with us. We had so much fun! It was the first time in ten years that I had more than just a few days once a year to share quality time with my son. This Instructable is how we created unforgettable memories by combining work and pleasure through instructables!

Step 1: Insight to This Instructable

My son was able to take three weeks off work so we could meet his new bride, he could help his dad, and we could have some quality time together. We are trying to get our house ready so we can move closer to our children. We spent three weeks getting to know and love our new daughter, work, play and make Instructables! My son did not know much about instructables except; when I would send him the link to something that I posted here and he would email me and comment about it.

I made my (new) daughter some clothes and posted them on Instructables. Both of them had been part of the process and was able to see what Instructables was all about. They saw one of my entries make finalist for the sewing contest : and that excited them. My son decided to make an instructable and that's when instructables grabbed their attention!

Step 2: What You Will Need

A family member you have deeply missed.
Hungry mouths.
Comfort food.
A little help for Dad.
A desire to have fun with your family.
An idea.
Crafting supplies.
Lots of pictures!
Basic writing skills.
Knowledge of using a keyboard.
A little extra time.
A great imagination.
Artistic flair.
AND A WHOLE LOT OF LOVE for your family and Instructables!

Step 3: Tools


Internet access.

Step 4: We Played

We spent time exploring the local attractions, played with scorpions, and visited art galleries.

Step 5: Bought Sewing Machines

My son was so excited about Instructables that he bought 2 sewing machines! One industrial heavy duty sewing machine for me and one very dusty one for himself! He secretly wants me to sew him some Karate gi's. Meanwhile we looked at all the old ones the sewing repair shop had for sale.

The interesting thing about this is . . . . . I have been trying to win an industrial sewing machine through the Instructables contest for a couple of years. In the end because of my involvement with instructables I got this one! Pretty cool huh?

Step 6: We Worked!

We worked hard! Working together builds strong relationships! It is also a great teaching method for kids. It builds confidence!

Step 7: We Built Harder

When we were not working or sight seeing we were building INSTRUCTABLES!

We made shirts, dresses, Texas Ranger outfits, cooked, and published Instructables to share our experiences! My daughter-in-law painted me some very pretty pictures!

We published a lot more instructables than what I am sharing here and the interesting thing is I have tried to get my son to open an account for 2 years! He finally did!

We uploaded all our pictures and began writing the script and published them!

My son's instructable under my account

Step 8: Sunshiine's Final Thoughts

I can think of no better way to bring families together than working and playing together building Instructables. I think the kids enjoyed building Instructables more than sight seeing. I know in my heart when they remember this summer's visit with Mom and Dad ; it will bring fond memories and joy into their hearts and ours forever! There were only one thing that would have made this even more perfect! The presence of my daughter, grandson, and son in law!

In closing I would like to thank Instructables and our sponsors for making this a great place to bring families together!
Have a splendorous day!

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    Thanks so much for commenting! Have a great day~

    Like the spaghetti dinner when you were visiting during summer break? Thanks for the great time and fond memories! Love mOM!

    Looks like loads of fun. I'm glad to see your son picked up an old sewing machine (and one for you too, how thoughtful!) Old sewing machines are the best... they're like having a vintage automobile except not nearly as expensive to maintain!

    1 reply

    Well hello seamster! It is good to see you! Yes, I am excited about my new machine! I have not used it yet but am hoping to try it out very soon. I have been trying to sneak some ibles in before I get too busy and begin to miss this place. You are right old machines made of real metal parts! I have tankers for machines, they look old and ratty but hey they work! My son is quite thoughtful, I guess I did my job! He did as he was told actually. I always told him he could not marry until he was 30. We have the most lovely new daughter anyone could ask for! Thanks for stopping by and have a splendorous day! Sunshiine

    Awesome Instructable. I don't have a big family so family time is usually just visiting houses but this looks to be a lot of fun! Your writing style and comments always make me smile and feel all warm inside like it's Christmas morning, you sure make the internet a brighter place!

    1 reply

    Wow, what a nice thing to say! Your comment made me smile and made my day special! Thanks! Have a splendorous day!

    That was awesome! I loved all the photos you included and it looked like you all had a lot of fun. The "alien" photos were great (was that one calling home?) lol
    And the dog wearing the T-Shirt in the backseat was priceless (although a little camera shy). :D

    1 reply

    We did have a great time! It will be stored in our memory banks forever! The dog? Well that is Scooby doo! He is an awesome dog! A Kerr! Thanks for you support and comment! Have a beautiful day!

    I hope it does! You know you can incorporate an instructables into a lesson project! Think about it!

    Exactly! And it would stand out from the rest of the students! You might even get featured, receive a ton of feedback, and a few patches??? Sunshiine

    awesome i'm setting my eyes on that goal I WILL BE THE BEST!! YAY!!!! I love getting patches

    You will I am sure!

    Great read, Sunshiine! I have no kids, but we are moving close to my mother-in-law, and she is a BIG project person. Gives me some ideas :)

    1 reply

    I promise you this . . . . . .she will love it! She might not like her picture posted, like me, but she will enjoy the adventure! Please let me know if you make an instructable with her. I would love to follow up on it and would not want to miss it! Thanks for commenting! You might even plan on holding back on publishing it until a contest rolls around that it would qualify for and publish it then! That will really get her interested and entertained!

    looks like a fun time was had by all ! I'm fortunate that all my kids still live close by. We get together often but the big deal is our yearly HAUNTED HOUSE

    1 reply

    Now that would be an event! We did have a great time. I think I got the kids interested in this community. My son works long hours and squeezing in instructables will be a challenge with his schedule. But I do see him posting on occasion when there is a three day weekend or something. Thanks for sharing!