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In Latin culture to have a horn means your wife is having fun with someone else. The horn is a visible trophy of your inability to handle your own wife or a sign that you have a bad wife.   In any circumstance to possess a horn not is a good thing.

To help those with horns to help identify themselves, I have written this instructable. 

Readers feel free to send this paper to someone you know to inform him that his wife has other interests.  You may want to deliver and run as he might come after you with his horn or more importantly feel free to send this instructable to someone who doesn't have the need but want improve his "Horn Technical Culture"  and would like to know HOW TO PUT HORNS ON HIS CAR.

Step 1:

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First, you must find a horn.
I had this deer horn hanging on my shed.
NickHunter1 year ago
Technically those are antlers, not horns! Sorry for being a smartass
abstracted3 years ago
the question i have is : WHY????? no really...why would one want to do that to a perfectly good hood?? an old beater perhaps (looks over shoulder n sees the rack mounted on my motorcycle) it was for xmas dammit lol decorated with many lights, icicle ornaments and tinsel every year...horns were for the reindeer effect .
GregoriNiculitcheff (author)  abstracted3 years ago
cool, very interesting (not for run all year around but very cool for christmas :)
skiedra3 years ago
In soviet russia there were Pobeda and Volga cars. In front they had a figurine of a galoping deer.

And it was the main reason behind many deaths and horrible injuries of pedestrians that got caught in an accident involving these cars.

In regular crash, the main hit goes into the legs, while a pedestrian has a chance to be thrown onto the hood and windshield. In case of russian cars (and this horned one), all those decorations ended smiting bellies of them poor souls. I will not describe further injuries that followed ....

So think before you do such things and propagate any such car decoration culture.
GregoriNiculitcheff (author)  skiedra3 years ago
I completely agree with you :(
Kiteman3 years ago
That looks cool, and you would get more views if you used that last image as your introduction image as well.

It's a shame that this project is illegal in the UK...
GregoriNiculitcheff (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
Thank You for the tip about the images :)
Is illegal in California too but I use anyway ....ahahah...