Step 4: Mouthing Off...

At the cut, fold back both sides of the cut at a 45 degree angle. Crease back and forth to get a sharp fold.

Open the picture. Now push or pull out the point of the newly formed triangular peaks.

At the same time, close the picture so that you can kinda squish it so the peaks will be flattened out between the pages.

You have now created the pop-up part of the card.
lolrotf :0)!!
Could you make a pfd of the card parts for lazy people?
I'm too lazy :)
Maybe he'd be happy with a scan of the card laid flat? (So would some other people...)
Well the pop-up does change things...
It is two flat pages glued together. The cut and the way you fold makes it a pop up. Nothing special but magical...
I put up the scans/pdfs of the card. Edit it so that you don't waste a tank of orange ink. Print out and cut out the parts for your own design on colored construction paper.
Thank you!
. I'm not sure how I missed this when it was published, but here's a belated "Great job!" . And thanks to Shadow Ops for bumping it.
You got out on good behavior?
Let's say he joined the <a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Breakfast_Club">Breakfast Club</a>.<br/>
5/5 stars! (added to favorites.)
wait a minute, you look vaguely familiar like I've seen you somewhere...<strong>Oh, it's you! Awesome!</strong><br/>
awww, you artistic show-off!
But I didn't draw anything. I just rearranged the molecules a bit...
rearranging show off!
Okay....this...cannot be topped......My hat off to you my good man, you've done it again.....
We shall see....
You shall see if he's done it again? You shall see if I take my hat off?
<em>cannot be topped</em><br/><br/>we shall see :-) <br/>
Awww. Ok, well, nicely done.....guess I will have to go another route with mine ... <sub>got it :-) </sub><br/>
Always take the road less travelled. It's more fun. I hope we will see something from you.
I hope I can get the materials together and the time to <em>put it together</em>. :-) <br/>
Tee hee! i was hoping you'd enter something!
This is really cool! 5*!

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