As you may have already seen, this is a knex version of the 'How to thank instructables' instructable. I was bored one day so I decided to write out instructables in knex, including the hand at the start!

Please tell me what you think, it only takes a second! :-)

Step 1: The Hand/glove

The hand/glove

Step 10: A

Step 11: B

Step 12: L

Step 13: E

Step 14: S

I Find Instructables <br> <br>Incredibly <br>Neat <br>Super <br>Terrific <br>Radical <br>Uber <br>Cool <br>Tantalising <br>Awesome <br>Beautiful <br>Lovely <br>Excellent <br>Suprising <br> <br>Thank You Instructables <br>also thank you tigernod so i could modify this <br>
Very cool!
You made an error... The title is &quot;<span class="stepTitle"><font size="3">Instructables- How much I love you!&quot; but it should be &quot;Instructables-How much I USED&nbsp;to love you!&quot; the new layout stinks.</font></span>
I dont like it ether<br />
awww bless<br /> <br /> LOL<br />
I find this instructable an...<br /> <br /> Incredibly<br /> Neat<br /> Super<br /> Terrific<br /> (couldn't think of anything for the R)<br /> Uber<br /> Cool<br /> Terrific (again)<br /> Awesome<br /> Beautifully<br /> Lovely<br /> Excellent<br /> Surprising<br /> <br /> ...way of thanking instructables.
Lol.<br /> <br /> You could have use radical.<br /> <br /> Thanks!
ohh wow i didnt see this comment haaha-<br />
<p>Oh, well, enlish is not my&nbsp;main langauge, I didn't even knew that word existed!</p>
Rad<br />
it got featured.<br />
&nbsp;its ...errr...different-but no i like it =)
Nice.<br /> <small><br /> (In the original, we posted all the letters to Eric...)</small><br />
Yup, I saw that, I was going to get other Knexers around the site to join in, but I didn't have the time.
I'll consider<br />
Featured NICE
Any chance you'd be willing to donate/ship the sign to us at Instructables HQ?&nbsp; <br /> <br /> I think it would be awesome to have that in our offices so that it could join the &quot;How to thank Instructables&quot; sign.&nbsp; We'd of course compensate you with the necessary <a href="http://www.amazon.com/Knex-Value-Tub-400-pieces/dp/B000F1ST1Q/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&amp;s=toys-and-games&amp;qid=1262219197&amp;sr=1-1">replacement knex pieces</a> and a robot t-shirt for the cost of shipping.<br /> <br /> No pressure - just thought it would be a cool idea.<br /> <br /> Think about it and PM&nbsp;me if you're interested.<br />
Hmm... I would have to see about it with my dad.<br /> <br /> I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
.&nbsp; Very good. I like it.<br />
Thanks :-)
LOLZ!<br /> It got featured :)
Yup, did you rate it?
no, i think it deserves a 4.5*<br /> Probably because it doesn't have much innovation XD
You havent actually rated it though have you?
no, will do that right now :)
nice hand
Thanks :-)
Yup :-)
Haha, suck up.
XD It got featured too XD
Here<br />
Look up ^^^
Why did you crop it?<br />
Because it had all of that stuff underneath (All, art, craft, food, ganes, ect...)
That was the point<br />
I didnt like it like that though..
:)<br />
wow, i like it! i may build soon. 5*
HA Ha I like it!! This should get featured.
it just did!<br />
Thanks, I like the hand the best :-)
Yeah it's cool.<br /> BTW: Who featured&nbsp; it??
I dont know, I think it might be Eric, because I posted a link to it on his OB, but I dont know... :-P
Cool, and it got featured! Nice job!<br />
Thanks! :-)
nice! 5*
5* and Faved!!!!<br /> <br /> its awesome!<br />

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