I have an old trunk in my backyard
The trunk is 18 ft height and the diameter at the top is 2.8 ft

Step 1:

Picture of
I think I am obsessed with the geometry of truncated Icosahedron
(These and all others Platonics and Archimedians geometric solids)
but for this project, I will built a regular geodesic sphere

On the top  of a tree trunk in my backyard

before I do the real one, i decided it is better to make a prototype.  (I know all implications that occur when you scale a model or make with different materials :)

Dimensions for the real sphere:
To build a sphere with a radius of 4.25 feet requires:
70 Struts 2.63 feet each bend angle 18o
60 Struts 2.32 feet each bend angle 16o
52 Bolts, 52 Nuts, & 104 Washers

Originally I was at Safeway and bought 2 boxes of 100 straws for $3.99
Then I calculated the size of the straws based on the maximum possible length of the straw (5.5 inches)

Dimension for the model
The maximum possible size of the straw was 5.5 inches:
70 Struts 5.5 inches each
60 Struts 4.8 inches each
52 Bolts, 52 Nuts
model trunk diameter 5.99 inches
model trunk height 37 inches
snotty3 years ago
Maybe hang it between three trees with cables. You could use some of these: http://garnierlimb.com/treehouse/construction/GarnierLimbPage.cfm

It could function as a guest room or home office.
GregoriNiculitcheff (author)  snotty3 years ago
Very good idea, I will decide in 2 or 3 weeks and do it :)
thanks for the suggestion :)

Efitall3 years ago
It's plenty large enough to turn into a small chicken coup, though access might be a bit of an issue. could also add thin plexi or clear heavy-duty plastic and make a sort of temporary greenhouse.

Personally, I'd suspend a light-weight medium (like bark from the stump) in the center and grow air plants inside (epiphyte). The sphere is open and airy and almost fantastical, so "floating" plants hanging out in there seems quite fitting to me.
GregoriNiculitcheff (author)  Efitall3 years ago
PRO :)

I will try all :)

keep in touch
Dig up the root structure of the trunk and move it onto your property.......
...ahahahah... :)
I have 2 other trunk in my property suitable to do it but...
the enchantment was broken
that sphere was born for that trunk
no other trunk will feet

she need find a new path in her life
may be a room or a chicken house

the sphere now need a new destiny

Is the trunk's property owner friendly? Worth a shot to talk to 'em.
Is property of CalTrans, probably I am out of the game ...ahahah...
but I am waiting suggestion (nice ones) about what to do with this sphere :)

They'll never know! Looks like the land is not commonly accessed at all.
If I don't receive any interesting idea, I will finish doing the original idea :)
Well, that's no problem then. Just mount it and stamp part of it with an arbitrary letter/number-combination and if anyone ever asks just tell'em you have no idea what it's for. A bunch of army guys showed up one day and set it up. Now it's a government truncated Icosahedron.
GregoriNiculitcheff (author)  omnibot3 years ago
......ahahhaha...... :)
Nerdz3 years ago
This is just Full of awesome.

Hmm, Hang battery powered LEDs from it and make it glow at night? Would look quiet spooky in the middle of the forest just glowing. Would look good glowing green-Fake UFO? Or RGB LED's

Or small tealight Candles

Im sure Im not the only one who thought this looked like Wardenclyffe Tower (the top)

it looks like your backyard is full of lavender or something.
I think you might just be on to something about Wardenclyffe..... too bad the tower was demolished before it was ever operational... It would have been Tesla's legacy... hmm I know a few years ago the land and the few buildings still left were up for sale... maybe if it hasn't sold someone could re-create the tower and light it up.... and make it a museum....
make a museum is a great idea :)

GregoriNiculitcheff (author)  Nerdz3 years ago
Cool Ideas. TKS :)