Step 27:

After 1 day I revised all plans including the detailed process to assemble the Geodesic Sphere in the top of the tree trunk, after all that, I discovered that the tree trunk did not reside on my property  :((

it was a bitter discovery,

well, anyway, never give up

any suggestions as to what I can do with my sphere?
be nice :)
Maybe hang it between three trees with cables. You could use some of these: <a href="http://garnierlimb.com/treehouse/construction/GarnierLimbPage.cfm" rel="nofollow">http://garnierlimb.com/treehouse/construction/GarnierLimbPage.cfm</a><br> <br> It could function as a guest room or home office.
Very good idea, I will decide in 2 or 3 weeks and do it :)<br>thanks for the suggestion :)<br><br>
It's plenty large enough to turn into a small chicken coup, though access might be a bit of an issue. could also add thin plexi or clear heavy-duty plastic and make a sort of temporary greenhouse.<br><br>Personally, I'd suspend a light-weight medium (like bark from the stump) in the center and grow air plants inside (epiphyte). The sphere is open and airy and almost fantastical, so &quot;floating&quot; plants hanging out in there seems quite fitting to me.
PRO :)<br><br>I will try all :)<br><br>keep in touch
Dig up the root structure of the trunk and move it onto your property.......
...ahahahah... :)
.....ahahah....<br>I have 2 other trunk in my property suitable to do it but...<br>the enchantment was broken<br>that sphere was born for that trunk<br>no other trunk will feet<br><br>she need find a new path in her life<br>may be a room or a chicken house<br><br>the sphere now need a new destiny<br><br>:) <br>
Is the trunk's property owner friendly? Worth a shot to talk to 'em.
Is property of CalTrans, probably I am out of the game ...ahahah...<br>but I am waiting suggestion (nice ones) about what to do with this sphere :)<br><br>
They'll never know! Looks like the land is not commonly accessed at all.
If I don't receive any interesting idea, I will finish doing the original idea :)
Well, that's no problem then. Just mount it and stamp part of it with an arbitrary letter/number-combination and if anyone ever asks just tell'em you have no idea what it's for. A bunch of army guys showed up one day and set it up. Now it's a government truncated Icosahedron.
......ahahhaha...... :)
This is just Full of awesome. <br><br>Hmm, Hang battery powered LEDs from it and make it glow at night? Would look quiet spooky in the middle of the forest just glowing. Would look good glowing green-Fake UFO? Or RGB LED's <br><br>Or small tealight Candles<br><br>Im sure Im not the only one who thought this looked like Wardenclyffe Tower (the top)<br><br>it looks like your backyard is full of lavender or something.
I think you might just be on to something about Wardenclyffe..... too bad the tower was demolished before it was ever operational... It would have been Tesla's legacy... hmm I know a few years ago the land and the few buildings still left were up for sale... maybe if it hasn't sold someone could re-create the tower and light it up.... and make it a museum....
make a museum is a great idea :)<br><br>
Cool Ideas. TKS :)<br><br>

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