Step 27:

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After 1 day I revised all plans including the detailed process to assemble the Geodesic Sphere in the top of the tree trunk, after all that, I discovered that the tree trunk did not reside on my property  :((

it was a bitter discovery,

well, anyway, never give up

any suggestions as to what I can do with my sphere?
be nice :)
Efitall3 years ago
It's plenty large enough to turn into a small chicken coup, though access might be a bit of an issue. could also add thin plexi or clear heavy-duty plastic and make a sort of temporary greenhouse.

Personally, I'd suspend a light-weight medium (like bark from the stump) in the center and grow air plants inside (epiphyte). The sphere is open and airy and almost fantastical, so "floating" plants hanging out in there seems quite fitting to me.
GregoriNiculitcheff (author)  Efitall3 years ago
PRO :)

I will try all :)

keep in touch
Dig up the root structure of the trunk and move it onto your property.......
...ahahahah... :)