Instructables July 2008 Show and Tell


Introduction: Instructables July 2008 Show and Tell

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We hosted a very special Show and Tell as part of the closing festivities for Instructacon v1.0. It was also the first Show and Tell in our new San Francisco location!

A ton of people packed in for 25 rapid-fire presentations on Life casting, Guitar Hero Trumpet, Jackhammer Headphones, LED Cube, Technicolor Dreamboat, Gorilla Pod, Custom covered speakers, homemade dental appliances, Instructables Robot plushie-preview, multiple ways to cut holes in logs, and more.

Following our normal format for How to Run a Show and Tell, people signed up to present a project, and they got as much time as they needed, or until I got bored -- whichever came first.

If you have pictures or video from the event, let me know where they are so I can include them here.



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    How can i get on an announcement list to hear about instructable events like this? Or did i just miss the email? It looks like it was super fun!

    Fungus, don't be so down... You only WORK AT INSTRUCTABLES! but it would have been a site to see... :D