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Like I tell you in a Instructable before, my wife a fill months ago start to be crazy about alpacas

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Than for give a little support for my wife in her new friends, I decide make Tags for the animal at techshop.
First i take a “Laser Cutting and Eaching Class” with Jeanny.

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Than I decide make the tags using the laser machine and the knowledge I acquire in the class
first buy the tag at the front desk
than get the laser kit
do not forget the laser tag support
than burn the tag

done, my wife was happy and had a special treats for me in that day :)

I made it at Techshop


pfred2 (author)2012-02-28

What is an alpaca? Is it like a llama? Now I'm reading the wiki article about them. I can see the attraction. They look like a lot of work to me though. I can barely take care of a cat!

How are your tags attached to your alpacas? Ear tags?

They are the gentile animals in the word, like cats or dogs, they are pet companions but with the size of a human and the shape of a midget camel :)

You've obviously never met my cat. He likes to bite and claw. I hear some alpacas spit like camels do too.

Yep, they spit one each other all the time and some time on us too ....ahaha...
when they feel treated they may kick but 99.99% of the time they are only like big dogs or big cats ...ahahah....

Then I heard right. I also heard they don't all do it so you might want to explain to them that you're not adverse to alpaca stew now and again ...

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