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Introduction: Instructables Intro for Your Videos!

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Here is a video I made for all the instructables members for the videos they make of their instructables! Just comment below and tell me if you would like to use it. Its FREE and will not have the logo at the end! and you would have the video file to keep forever! just tell me and I'll send you the download link!



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    This is pretty dern cool. Send the link please.

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    I was going to hate on this, but it's not that bad at all. Good work.

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    Dont hate, collaborate

    Nice. I juse download this video with a Video Downloader for Mac called Total Video Downloader. I hope I can keep this video forever. It is pretty cool

     Haha I use animoto

    Hate to be picky after all your work, but 'World's Biggest' should have the apostrophe. Nice video, I plan to use it.

    I made it with

    Cool. Very interesting website.

    Agreed that it's too long. An outro should be right around 5-6 seconds. If you could trim it down, it looks pretty slick.

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    I like i, but I think it needs a few changes. ;) Make it only about six seconds long. First, have the logo come in the same way it does, then at 2 seconds, make the text "The Worlds Biggest DIY Show and Tell" and "" come in the same way. Keep that until 6 seconds, then all exit the same way it entered.

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    ok thanks I'm going to redo this so its shorter but your welcome to use it if you like it... download link at last comment...

    i like it alot, however, i think it would make a good intro too

    I do kind of agree with these people, 33 seconds is alot for an outro.

    I'd say this is a bit more like a commercial or something. but this is really cool, good job!