Step 5: Adding Final Details

Picture of Adding Final Details
The first photo of this step illustrates the last 2 steps where the logo, frayed area and pocket was added. To this we will add some final details that look like stitches.

I found one last image (from the web) that showed a series of denim stitches in detail. I cut away all the other portions so that I was left with only the stitching detail. I applied a color effect to the stitches so that they match those on the pocket.

I positioned them along the fold lines of the paper wallet, so that it has a more realistic "stitched together" look. By simply copying the stitches as many times as needed, you can position them where you want. I also made an inside stitch line for the red fabric area near line "A" and "B" since this is the only edge visible when the paper wallet is constructed.

The final step is to place your copied layers (showing the folding lines, numbers and letters) over the entire design. You'll want to erase the letters now and lines "A", "B", "C" and "D". The areas where the red print meet the denim print is now your fold line. Line "D" is a fold, but since it is the vertical, center fold it isn't necessary to show (and ruin your printed paper).

Now that your design is complete, you can print it and follow the folding directions. (Link to the PDF is found in the introduction of this Instructable).

I would very much like to see your unique design, so please post a photo in the comments!

UPDATE: See the last photo for Version 2.0 - The upgraded Paper Wallet Design (PDF can be found in the INTRO of this Instructable).