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Introduction: Instructables Podcast Vol. 1 - Build a Greener Life: Robbtoberfest

About: I've worked for Instructables off and on since 2006 building and documenting just about everything I enjoy doing. I am now the Creative Programs founder and manager for Autodesk and just finished building o...

Part of Instructables' mission is to inspire our community to create and share great projects. We do this though contests, theme months, and challenges that are seasonally appropriate, part of a bigger cultural trend, or simply areas where we want to see more great Instructables. This year we've decided that our overarching theme will be "Green."

To kick off our Green theme of 2009, comes the first in a series of podcasts from Instructables featuring just some of the outstanding projects and authors on the site. In this first episode, titled "A Greener Life," we talk to Instructables community member Robbtoberfest, whose eco-friendly projects represent exactly the kind of DIY green ingenuity we love to inspire and share at Instructables.



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     What is a url that would be good for RSS? I want to load the url to miro so I can follow you at once when you post new videos. 

    Yes it is - sorry about that. We first posted it in the forums, and then wanted to re-post it as a video. Future podcasts will be posted only once as videos from now on.

    Noah- Kind of a late comment, but I can definitely help you with some of your podcasting questions. Mediafly is taking a fresh approach to the podcast space and can help you and Instructables fans make video and audio podcasting easier and more enjoyable for all...on the website and even across devices. Let me know how to contact you and we can chat. Best, Keith Waxelman | kwaxelman at |

    How About an uninterruptable power supply using 1 relay a 12v. power source and rechargeable battery?

    Why would you need the relay and the 12 volt?

    To handle the high current passing to the battery and/or a radio transmitter. The contacts are rated at 20A so if you wire all the contacts together to make and break the positive 12v. side from the power supply you double the current carrying capacity of the relay. I know there are was of using silicon devices but the unit I made with the relay is easily replaceable in seconds in locations that there may not be enough power to heat a solder iron. Yes I know there are ways to just plug in a silicon device as there are for a relay however a relay is not prone to EMP from lightening or static electricity. My short wave station is hardened to protect it from these problems. Also the UPS is a lot cheaper than a real UPS. Works good and is so retro.

    love alternative energy also love instructables

    I CAN"T FIND IT ON ITUNES!!!! WAHHH!!!!! :( Any help?

    hey lou should make an instructable for that steam powered potato pistol! that looks mad fun! end eco friendly is a bonus too!

    haha i have chickens too there awesome

    Nice, my dad's currently making a portable chicken coop with his new welder. It's pretty cool, knowing you're using something that's creating a pool of molten metal that's 1700•C. I wonder when other welders (people) started welding, I tried it for my very first time just last week at the age of 13.

    Is there a iTunes feed? If not I can set one up for you. I would love to have this on my iPhone when I travel!!!!!

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    I was looking into that today. It seems like setting up the feed just involves submitting it to iTunes once we've got the shows hosted somewhere on the Instructables servers. I'm still pretty new at this whole podcasting thing, so any help you could give would be appreciated. Let's talk. Please reply via PM and we'll see what we can do. Thanks for the help!

    Great feature! I'm really glad Instructables will be encouraging eco-friendly products this year. I'm featuring this podcast series on my own upcoming post on the environmental blog Super Eco (
    Good luck! I'm sure you'll get some innovative submissions.

    You beat us to it... :( I'm glad instructables did that.