Instructables Podcast Vol. 2 - Build a Greener Life: Mdavis19's Electricity Producing Wind Turbine





Introduction: Instructables Podcast Vol. 2 - Build a Greener Life: Mdavis19's Electricity Producing Wind Turbine

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Part of Instructables' mission is to inspire our community to create and share great projects. We do this though contests, theme months, and challenges that are seasonally appropriate, part of a bigger cultural trend, or simply areas where we want to see more great Instructables. This year we've decided that our overarching theme will be "Green."

Volume 2 of the Build a Greener Life podcast series focuses on Instructables community member mdavis19, whose off-the-shelf-parts wind turbine showcases exactly the kind of DIY green ingenuity we love to inspire and share at Instructables.

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    I can't favorite this....where is it? Wahhhh....don't wanna lose it.

    I built a turbine like this, only because I was fascinated by the idea of cheap electricity. I used 4 inch PVC pipe for the blades. Since the profile is different, I decided to use 5 blades instead of 3. Seemed to work great. But in the end, though, the joke was on me: No wind where I live. It stands outside as a testament to the wrong place.

    "The hard part is actually resolving to just do it." I totally agree.

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    so... get off ur buts and make something happen


    I also agree.

    This is pretty neat, I'd like to see more stuff like this. I would love to see what the guys who made the car with the gasification plant on the back have to say about their project.

    Is there a podcast on iTunes or one I can download? I would love this to have this on my ipod

    awesome. i just have to go and do it. i have the materials to make the turbine, i just got to take some time off other things and just get into it. bah. great podcast.

    Nice, that what basicly what I what to do when I get older. elictronic stuff, robots, nothing much

    I had seen this project before, and it really interested me. It's good to hear some more commentary from the designer.