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The instructions for everything found in an Instructables Restaurant can be found on Instructables itself -- the food, the furniture, the lighting, everything!  To make this connection clear and understandable, and to give credit to the authors of any projects used in the restaurant, Arne Hendricks and Bas van Abel made these handouts for the Instructables Restaurant that was part of PICNIC 2010.  Each handout gives an overview of the Instructable's steps and a snapshot of information about the author.

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HaileyR7 (author)2016-02-05

I love the idea of having instructions for everything in a restaurant. That is interesting that you can get directions on how to set up your food and lighting to make a smooth running getup for your diner. I will have to look over your instructions more in detail to better understand how to to run my establishment. Thank you for sharing!

coppeis (author)2010-11-03

Where can I download these hand outs?

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