There are a million stories in this big Instructables community. These are a few that deserve to be told. Inspired by the offbeat works of Gary Larson and his Far Side (c) cartoons, I encourage you to figure out what makes these people unique. Be warned, lurking in the forum is addictive. Join the fun.

This is a collection of Instructables Robot cartoons, comics, and funnies that poke and have fun with the Instructables community. A photo image is followed by a scanned image. Notice how a camera "warms" up the picture. I'm still working on how to use the scanner and Photoshop to optimize the scans. Click on the image to download and use for inspiration in your own cartoon.

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to real persons living or dead, robots, droids, or cartoon characters is purely coincidental. Blah, blah, blah...

Not quite like making it big on the cartoon wall of Sardi's but links to where the cartoons first appeared:

What to do if harassed on Instructables new 10/29/08

Kiteman XKCD'ed U C. 9/22/08

Eric builds a Bot 9/10/08

Haircut and a shave - Goodhart 8/31/08

Canida-Wilhelm - Wilhelm-Canida 8/18/08

Jessyratfink steps in it... 8/18/08

Goodhart gets a gift 6/26/08

[http://www.instructables.com/community/Im-giving-up-on-Instructables.../ GorillazMiko calls it a day] 6/1/08

Adrian monk admirers 5/24/08

GorillazMiko's trip to HQ 4/24/08

GorillazMiko Birthday 4/21/08

Robot visits Yosemite 4/15/08

Site problemo 4/12/08

GorillazMiko and Zachninme banter about GzMko cartoon

GorillazMiko takes a trip to the Tower 4/7/08

LinuxH4x0r CameronSS 4/7/08

Instructables Robot drawing contest

T3hmuffinator cartoon

Tetranitrate cartoon

Killerjackalope cartoon

Check back often for updates. %-)
Tecwyn Twmffat made it!10 months ago
front image.jpg
caitlinsdad (author)  Tecwyn Twmffat10 months ago

Ha, the Robot evolves and moves on the digital stage. Thanks.

Spot on
I should have never left Instructables... tsk tsk tsk.
canucksgirl3 years ago
Excellent job! :)
monsterlego3 years ago
vishalapr4 years ago
Very Nice!Looks like you have put in a lot of effort!!!
SHIFT!4 years ago
This is my salvation from a hard semester of studying and failing! Thanks caitlinsdad, for bringing a rare smile in this Instructabrarian's otherwise forlorn face!
Saturn V4 years ago
I liked 33 the most.
Jayefuu4 years ago
Nice. Can't believe I only just found this. It's missing the total views patches though :)
Umm, yeah. Me too. All I can say is wow.
Randomguy655 years ago
eulaliaaaa!5 years ago
You sir are a true genius. I too dabble in cartoons but my drawings are usually limited to single characters although I have done some good ones in the past. If I can somehow find the time I may post a few...
caitlinsdad (author)  super moderator6 years ago
Post up a slideshow too! Seems a few instructable members have some artwork posted up on deviantart.com. Some nice work there.
Ok, when I find time I will and I'll let you know. Just one question, what would I classify it under? PS. Like your new avatar
caitlinsdad (author)  super moderator6 years ago
You can title it whatever you want and classify it in broad categories like art and something. Maybe there is a technique or style you want to show off. Just do it. Good luck.
Derin6 years ago
Can you put me in one too?
Derin Derin6 years ago
I don't comment a lot here on Instructables and I haven't published any 'ibles yet as I am more into being an artist and that doesn't translate very well to being an 'ible, but I do look at a lot of stuff on here and I found a few of those toons quite amusing. Thanks!
Derin6 years ago
Awesome drawing skillz
i had a couple good ideas for cartoons i thought would be fun. 1. Seeing tim anderson and eric "ghost riding the whip" to rap music in tims truck 2. i was suing Adrian monk in instructables Chat for wanting to ban me for possibly being a fake in the chatroom because i went to refresh the page.
caitlinsdad (author)  Yerboogieman6 years ago
Then you should make your own cartoon since you are inspired and see something that tickles your funny bone. This stuff is pretty random and I just happened to be around when things happened. Like any other brooding artist, I don't do requests. And, your avatar would need to be something iconic, I can't even read what is on your avatar... :)
Some i make are funny i make but i Cannot draw at all. I used to be able to draw a 3D car i can't now.
caitlinsdad (author)  Yerboogieman6 years ago
If you can't really draw, then learn by starting to hack other cartoons that are funny and apply to the joke. Take one of those liquid whiteout correction pens and block out something in the cartoon. Then go over it in pencil or marker to create your new cartoon. No better way to learn than by imitating and then develop a style of your own. Or put words in other people's mouths by changing captions or word bubbles. Have fun!
Derin6 years ago
I'm about to move one onto cyberspace now.
CameronSS7 years ago
This makes more sense than putting them on your Orangeboard-I guess I'll have to post a Slideshow before it is forefront on my mind.
For those confused
caitlinsdad (author)  CameronSS7 years ago
Look, I can fly!
Cartoon thief! :)

Gary Larson...w00t!
caitlinsdad (author)  Lithium Rain7 years ago
"Plagarize, don't synthesize." It was funny before and it's still funny, kinda like the universal laws of physics. I think the penguin got his fence fixed though.
Just a bit of friendly teasing...I actually think that's a clever take on the classic version. :)
caitlinsdad (author)  Lithium Rain7 years ago
No offense taken...if you can't make fun of yourself, then make fun of others...in a good way. A lot of people weren't even around when The Far Side appeared in newspapers and print. I guess you have to be ubergeeky to understand. If you are familiar with his works, you may be carbon dating yourself like Goodhart...haha.
Oh, yes, I am very familiar with The Far Side...I guess that makes me a dinosaur! :)
caitlinsdad (author)  Lithium Rain7 years ago
Adrian monkasaurus...almost extinct because of its phobias
caitlinsdad (author)  caitlinsdad7 years ago
Heh. It's just annoying...like, stop staring already!
Stupid guy from Jurassic Park, taking away the pretty girl........
Derin Keith-Kid6 years ago
i spy the fence kj busted up
karma +thousands. ;-)
Hey, everyone! If you pester him enough, he'll draw you a cartoon to shut you up!

Not trying to sound greedy (I know I am), but is there any chance for a scan more suitable for printing? I have a glass sheet atop my wooden desk that I slide cartoons, quotes, and pictures under, and there's a great place for this above the xkcd printout.
caitlinsdad (author)  CameronSS7 years ago
It is easier for me to take a picture and dump the memory card and upload that than for me to fire up the old PC with the scanner, scan into Photoshop and then try to tweak the colors because it doesn't scan too well and then upload. It takes a while for the edited ible to replace the one that is working so now I see the scans are up. Pause the slideshow to your cartoon and then click on it to get the "i" image button to download whatever size will print well for you. If that doesn't work, look at Zachninme's magic tool...
Oh...Sorry to bother you. For me, it's easier to scan it in than it is to try to take a well-lit picture. Then again, there are always two computers in the house turned on and hooked up to scanners.

And thanks again for featuring me in The Bot Side! I'm humbled! Flabbergasted! Flattered! Touched! Roget!
Arguably NSFW language in link
Hey, and you even stuck my air conditioner in there! I feel honored! Oh yeah, and thanks! It looks just like me!
Sunny1246137 years ago
really funny I laughed at least seven times! and the comparing to other players,ah thats good classic
Gjdj37 years ago
I really like these cartoons. They have a lot of inside jokes from the community. Really great job.
Jeez - I've said it before, but I need to say it again...

These Are Awesome!

Your robot comik skillz are too insane for all of us to bear! A few billion more of these and we might be dead! :-P (Not because of your comics, just because of time... =( If anything, your comics will keep us alive!)

Awesome work, man. Killer job....alope

Damn muffinator... Messin with my name...
killerjackilope killerjockalope kellerjackalope kilerjackalope killerjackaloope teehee...
y0u (4n m4k3 1337 j0k35

thl5 1337 thln9 l5 h4rd t0 r34d

caitlinsdad (author)  Derin7 years ago
It helps when you have this...
h3h3 l 35p3(l4lly lik3 th3 in57ru(748135 7h3m3
=P Sorry!

How's it hanging? I've decided to give up trying to finish two 3-month old AP Literature assignments, and work on a new and improved LED T-shirt. Things are slowly turning for the better. This upcoming weekend (10th to 14th) is MIT's Campus Preview Weekend. I'll be driving up to Cambridge for a 4 day sleepover of madness! You?

Sorry again...... v_v
I was only messing about the name thing, it's funny, granted I'm worried about becoming a strange joke that appears in posts like so... Sounds pretty good, growing a sensible disdain for work in order to work on insane projects, the LED shirt sound pretty sweet, do you mean cambridge england? Sound like good craic anyway... I've been good working on some interesting projects, getting a cafepress shop going, have a good cycling and recycling project for the contest coming tomorrow or so, another project on mini metalworking, hopefully I'll get the parts for my pulse jet and get it running, I already have most of the ancillaries for it and just need the body and a reliable spark plug, I've got another project in the pipeline that has the capacity to make home electricity generation more affordable, but we'll see on that one, either way it'll be way cleaner burning... As you probably noticed I had a pretty rough bike crash but I'm recovering at a simply ridiculous rate, doc said a week beofre I'd be able to turn my wrist and stuff and I already can so hopefull I'll be up and running for my upcoming bike instructables, I'll be having a go at a CFV stove soon after the jet engine, then after some more jet work I'll have proper record breaking project on my hands... after all that I'm going headfirst in to the deep end and building my own tube lamps from scratch, no bulbs etc. Oooh and goig for a supervisors job and back to college, on top of that I've just started formal driving lessons, need to get all lawful for the test even though I can drive almost anything, including planes, tractors and forklifts...
Labot20017 years ago
Caitlinsdad. You absolutely must publish these somewhere where I can get an RSS feed!
caitlinsdad (author)  Labot20017 years ago
"A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men." Willy Wonka
Ooooh, a lovely quote. The original Chocolate Factory is among my favorite movies. :D
caitlinsdad (author)  Labot20017 years ago
They shouldn't remake classics...
Especially if they're gonna do such awful job that it insults the original movie...
bumpus7 years ago
funny funny stuff Mr. CD
I love them all. I hope to see more! +1 rating. (added to favorites)
If you like this, check out my forum topic with some of my doodles/cartoons, scanned and imported, then vectorised & coloured using inkscape. Hope you like them. http://www.instructables.com/community/Cartoons/
You accidentally added the MIT one twice.
caitlinsdad (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Fixed it. Thanks. I was going to just replace those pics with a second set of your cartoon to punk ya but it's late and April Fools is over.
Thornburg7 years ago
You have very nice, cartoony handwriting. Did you use an antique fountain pen. Anyway, nice job.
caitlinsdad (author)  Thornburg7 years ago
Hey...it's the way I write...not really, it is an attempt to copy some kind of helvetica/arial or The Far Side (c) type font. The drawing is first drawn in regular #2 pencil. I then take my collection of Sharpie markers, regular, fine point, and Bic ultrafine point markers to ink it in, not a Sharpie because it dried up and these were cheaper. I use my kid's big eraser to clean up the penciling. A white liquid paper correction pen covers any mistakes or does touch-ups. Then I take my kid's colored pencils (8-pack), notice how I have to blend in some colors because I do not have the rainbow palette to do some highlighting with colors. I am not a professional artist as I only do this for fun. I did have art and art appreciation classes in high school along with technical drawing( I do use a straightedge for text guidelines) and understand how to draw in perspective. I do have all the other stuff such as technical drawing pens in various sizes, pencils in various hardnesses, T square, triangles, etc. but I do all of this freehand on regular blank copy paper. I do have the computer nearby so I can get an image to reference. Everything starts out as a doodle so you can create anything from something with nothing. Go draw and have fun!
Well if you have never used a fountain pen (the ones you have to dip in ink) you have to try it with your awesome talent.
This was done using a fountain pen and colored pencils. Nothing like yours, just a little doodle I did awhile back.
caitlinsdad (author)  Thornburg7 years ago
Nice drawing. Lemme guess, you are right handed, light to medium build, kinda tall, probably active in some kind of sport that involves running...an artist has a keen sense of observation ...and knows that New Balance shoes are designed for specific types of runners...unless that is not your shoe. You can do a lot with textures and shading in black and white. Try your hand at Chinese calligraphy or inkbrushing. I think you would enjoy that. I'm a lefty so I have to avoid smearing wet ink.
Adrian monk admirers...? Good thing/bad thing?
I mean, I am admirable...;)
coolz7 years ago
i dont get it
caitlinsdad (author)  coolz7 years ago
Each of the drawings was a cartoon social commentary on something these Instructables members discussed in the forums or had commented on. You will need to go to the links to see what the cartoon may have referenced. I do not know any of these people personally but what is great about this community is that everyone has a personality when they express themselves and can take joke when done in good fun. The fun facts on the side reference other things but are related in some way. Humor/Humour is subjective so not everyone will get the joke or inside jokes. Treat it like an onion and peel away the layers to make you think and see if it funny. Enjoy.
Treat it like an onion and peel away the layers to make you think and see if it funny. Enjoy.

Bad example : Onion are not funny at all ........ they make cry when we peel them ...........

Okay. I leave.
caitlinsdad (author)  chooseausername7 years ago
Tears of joy, tears of sadness, the fine line between comedy and tragedy. Life is a mystery.
These are hillarious. A thought about your dilemma with adjusting the colors in photoshop... Try using microsoft image editor to adjust the colors/brightness/contrast - it comes with microsoft office so you probably have it, and it is so much quicker and easier than photoshop when you just want to adjust the color (or crop/resize for that matter). Don't get me wrong, I love photoshop, but I always use microsoft image editor for simple whole image color adjustments cause its just so quick and easy
caitlinsdad (author)  shangrilarcadia7 years ago
Thanks, I will have to try the MS editor. There are so many options in photoshop to tweak and my monitor is not calibrated for print either so it is all guesswork. This community just provides so much material to have fun with. You really have to browse the forum comments and their ibles to really get the meaning of the entire cartoon and not to take anything out of context.
Thanks for posting up the Yosemite one. These are all on my wall. Each one with me, of course...
But... it doesn't say "The Bot Side"...
caitlinsdad (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
It did...I peeled away the photo and guess what I found..an original oil painting of the RoboLisa...it might be worth something...I guess you can tape the Yosemite cartoon back over this hidden treasure...
Haha, awesome! (I was going to say this earlier, but I forgot. You should color the WHOLE cartoon, because it looks a little plain on my wall. :P) Hmmm.... should I print this one out? The RobotLisa...
Doctor What7 years ago
These are absolutely amazing! I especially like the goodhart and kiteman cartoon! I expect more cartoons in the future!
acaz937 years ago
They look Awesome , bad thing i'm not That Famous here In instructables , best luck for the next ..... :/
acaz93 acaz937 years ago


zachninme7 years ago

Just wanted to do some shameless self-promotion. If people want to actually get the image, feel free to use My magical tool (doesn't require Greasemonkey, or anything special!)

You missed a *lot* of fun banter near the end of last summer, including Lil' Miss Lord Ragoflago!
caitlinsdad (author)  zachninme7 years ago
What GorillazMiko meant to draw...
Hahaha, I'm holding a whopper bag...
Wayyy better then mine...
Ha I've finally exposed the nasty truth, I was practicing drawing to see how my wrist was and decided the secrets must come out.
1up7 years ago
I hope the Instructables favorites these.

If he doesn't, Eric needs to add some code on how to detect awesomeness! :D

Seriously, these are great. :)
1up 1up7 years ago
Whoops, meant Instructables Robot. :P
He should make one on you somehow...
:-) Thanks.
comodore7 years ago
WOW!!! IT IS GREAT! I like the way you put the users in the cartoon!!! (rating +1)
I think there should be an instructable on how to do these.
Finally, a compilation of them all! You should definitely make a comment on this if you update..so I know to check back. Keep up the great work. You should publish a book once you've made enough. (I hope you're using archival paper!)
bumpus7 years ago
ok, Gary Larson and caitlinsdad go into a bar, and it promptly explodes, b/c it cannot contain that much awesomeness
Brennn107 years ago
Wow, your skills are amazing! I love these! Nice work!
Bran7 years ago
Great job! I love it!
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
Nice! These are excellent. Can't wait to see more.
Ha-- I just posted a comment too. Maybe he should post mine...?
The Other Bot Side #1.jpg
Great! Love them Miko!
You can't see it that great, but once I get home, I'll upload to an image site and post the link.
And Gary Larson rules, but you're cooler. :-)
Gjdj37 years ago
I think you have more instructables in the Robot group than everyone else in it combined! Great job.
There are a few of them I hadn't seen before, great caitlinsdad, just great sadly i think I've just become the butt of any joke with killer in it... Damn muffinator...
Kiteman7 years ago
Very nice.

It's not often you see a slideshow worth featuring.