Instructables Robot Costume - Purim Festival





Introduction: Instructables Robot Costume - Purim Festival

it's purim time!  another opportunity where kids get to dress up in costumes.  Jonah showed me a drawing of his costume and I couldn't be happier with his choice to go as the Instructables Robot who happens to be a popular guy in our household.  We got a hold of a box, some yellow fabric and thanks to Randy (Clapper bra fame) some LED's, knobs and circuit boards.  We used one of my favorite products Gorilla Glue to adhere the fabric to the box.  

BTW I'm sure that you will never guess what Disney character his sister Naomi is dressed as???  

Here's a link to wikipedia to learn more about the Purim holiday:



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    I just noticed Naomi in her Nemo costume. Bravo, most excellent!!

    Very cute! home-made costumes are the best! And usually more creative than anything off the rack. I remember when my son was 6, he thought that he couldn't be a scorpion for Halloween because the store did not sell scorpion suits. Needless to say, he went as a scorpion that year.

    "now put him on skates" hahaha Scooch always trying to take things to the next level.

    This costume looks AWESOME! He makes a pretty rad robot if you ask me

    woooo! maybe we should have a "best instructables robot costume" next halloween contest

    Awesome costume! He should wear it to Maker Faire too.

    Best robot EVER!