Picture of Instructables Robot Ears
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Spray paint em red!
I made a pair of the awesome headphones out of ear protectors (classic instructable), but with a twist. Obviously, it wasn't instructable worthy, so it might make a good slideshow. Just more proof that the Instructables Robot is taking over.
Haha! :)
black hole3 years ago
Do you have trouble walking through narrow doorways with these on? = )
kinomix5 years ago
Didnt get that one
baneat7 years ago

You should show this to TimAnderson.
noahh7 years ago
are those knitting needles?
Doctor What (author)  noahh7 years ago
bumpus7 years ago
Sweet instructable Doc! I do suggest adding image notes, to explain what is needed for supplies, you could even add that to the text box! 4/5