I always liked the instructables robot, and always tried to somewhat make cool stuff with that robot like the instructable I made a couple of weeks ago : USB Powered Instructables Robot Night Lamp...

So one and a half week ago I was listening to Linkin Park - In The End and was searching the instructables website for cool instructables, and then when I saw an instructables robot made out of paper, I thought why not make myself a pair of instructables robot themed headphones, and out of that thought comes this instructable!

Here is a video!

So lets get started on making the headphones!

Step 1: Let's Get the Materials!

So for this make all you need are :

Earbuds (1$ or cheaper)
Some cardboard and some posterboard (Posterboard is not necessary but would help)
Sponges (1$ (Make up sponges are the best))
Spray Paint (Silver : 3$ and Yellow : 3$)
Strong Glue (2$)
Scissors ( 3-5$)
2 Small Plastic Cups (1$)

Tools that would help but not necessary are :

Box Cutter
Cardboard Cutter
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks

Here are the links where you can get some of the materials!

Glue gun :

Box Cutter:


Linkin park!!
oo OK that happend to me so i velcrowed them
Please don't spam 3 times... :(
what i never spamed u<br>
See but thanks for taking interest in my project!
have you got a laser pointer wana make it burn check out my new instructble
nope I do not have a laser pointer...
oo OK that happend to me so i velcrowed them
and please leave a comment
Will soon once I find those bottle caps coz I seem to have lost them... :(
oo OK that happend to me so i velcrowed them
cool instructable
hi again
kool homemade headphones
Glad you think its cool! Took some time to make but it was worth every second!
Nice, but those are huge and might hurt your ears after a while. <br><br>You should try making these out of headphone speakers instead of earbud speakers.<br><br>Good job though!
The idea at first was meant to use speakers but I did not have any in hand so I just used earbuds...And no they do not hurt your ears as they are very light....I always use them to listen to anything! They are on my head almost all day long!<br><br>Thanks!
Good work. Nice instructabls.
Thanks! Glad you liked them!
Very nice job I like how you used simple materials such as cardboard and sponge.
Thanks, Glad you liked it!
This is destined to be featured soon! Very well done ! Very creative and imaginative and clearly shows that you are an instructables fan!
I too wish it is going to be featured!
This is an absolute are to a genius! Are you willing to sell it? I would like to buy it!
And no I don't think I will be selling it...
<br> I'd like to see these on someone's head. Like<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Soup-Cans/"> this</a>.<br> <br> L<br>
Ok I will add a picture soon as right now my camera has a small problem!

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