Team Ibles. Now get the puck outta here.

What is more Fn manlier than getting geared up for a game of hockey...or not? There are no couch potato makers. Well, you need an authentic team jersey to give you that aggressive and imposing look when you go up against the other team. Missing a few teeth helps too.

What is more manlier than knowing how to sew? Knowing how to sew your own hockey shirt from scratch without losing a limb or taking an eye out.

My favorite scrappy underdog team is the Mighty Robot Ducks, the Bad News AutoBears take to the ice or roll out a new update. So get ready to sharpen your skates, oh ok, if you only have figure skates, put them on...

DISCLAIMER: Blame Canada.

Step 1: Hit the Ice, Wait, the Mall for Shopping...

What you need to make this:

Fabric.  I found some cotton/poly blend poplin fabric that felt sturdy enough to make the jersey. Not as satiny as expensive silk boxers but it will do.

You can really go all out and select a sport performance stretch knit fabric but I can't afford the stuff at Mood.( Almost got kicked out of there for going up and down every aisle and felting up all the fabrics)

I found my classic Robot Yellow and a muted Robot Safety Blaze Orange at my local discount fabric store.

Knits are a lot harder to work with because they can get drag and stretch in the sewing machine.

You need some black material to use for trim.

You also need some white and red material to complete the palette used for this design.

You need some pieces of felt to make the sew on emblems.

You need some iron on interfacing to stiffen up the pieces used to make applique patches.  That stuff you can buy in rolls or by cut at the fabric store.  The greatest thing since the invention of a seam ripper tool.

You will need to know some sewing basics.

A sewing machine makes short work of things. A serger makes things go even faster since it trims and binds the seam in one pass.

Since I am making custom applique logo patches to put on the jersey, I had a felting needle tool and brush felting base to use. 

WARNING: Sewing needles, scissors, rotary cutters, and seam rippers are sharp and pointy.  Do not run with a yardstick nor use a drywall square as a pole vaulting pole.  Sewing machines and sergers should only be used under proper supervision and subject to child labor laws or regulations. Know your tools and be safe.
<p>How am I only seeing this now? I can't approve hard enough!</p><p>Keep your stick on the ice.</p>
<p>I check on open ice!</p>
<p>How did you get that stick past TSA when you got on the plane?...wait, I don't wanna know...</p>
How is this an ugly Christmas sweater? It's not ugly, has nothing to do with Christmas and is not a sweater.
1. Hockey uniform tops are referred to as jerseys, shirts or sweaters. <br>2. This is in the spirit of Christmas making something for Instructables, and an inside joke for one of the ibles HQ staff. <br>3. It was an independent decision of the contest moderators to allow this for entry but they have been known to be inclusive of entries on the fringe and be liberal with entry criteria so as to make contests more exciting for all. <br>4. Sorry if I misinterpreted your comment. The only reason to be on this site is to have fun. Now get the puck outta here.
All the talk of manliness in your intro with a juxtapositioned pic of your daughter wearing the shirt... <br>Heh, just joking. Cool shirt. The yardstick looks better and nerdier than a hockey stick. Go break a leg... :P
Because I can. <br> <br>Time for you to crank out another ible, eh?
Yep, working on one. The last project didn't work out as expected, so had to shelve it. <br>This one is Instructable themed, so you have to love it(no other option.).
whats an Msaurus? is that like a thesaurus on your phone?
USAurus, USAurus, USAurus!
Yeah! you can say that a thousand times and it wont get old! <br>'Merica!
Mighty impressive!
Thanks, it was really easy to make. You don't even need to do anything straight and exact to get the look of the wonky robot drawing...wait, that's like this website.

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