This Instructables is not only about The Instructables Logo - The Robot, But it also about HOT GLUE CASTING!!!...It shows you how you can make your very own Instructables Robot model!!!.. Which could also double up as a cool night light!..

After seeing one too many instructables on How to make the instructables robot, I have been wanting to make one of my own, in my very own way!!!

Now, hot glue is used as an adhesive by most people, but I decided to use it as a casting material... and It turned out really great!!!...

For some amazing pics of it, roll over to the last step!!!... :D

Step 1: Gather the Supplies!!!

  • Hot Glue Sticks. {Buy it from your local crafts store or see here.}.
  • Sugru {Red}. [Buy it , or win some by posting some awesome instructsbles!!!...  ;) ].
  • M-seal {epoxy} (optional -- may use sugru or any other epoxy in it's place). {Any epoxy from your local hardware shop would do the job!}.
  • Elmer's glue (or fevicol or any other similar glue from your local crafts store!).
  • UHU super glue (optional). {Buy it here}.
  • Clear Tape / Electrical tape (optional). {From your local crafts store!}.

  1. A Hot Glue Gun. {Buy it here}
  2. Cutter Knife.
  3. A pair of Scissors.
  4. Soldering Iron with Solder (optional). {Buy it here}

  • Double Layered Cardboard ( The one, usually used in packaging of heavy goods).
  • Black Chart Paper.
  • A female USB port.
  • A male to male USB cable.
  • A  5.5X2.5 mm female dc jack  (Only in case you are planning to use more than 25 L.E.D.s as I did!).
  • A power supply (Only in case you are planning to use more than 25 L.E.D.s as I did!) {I used a SMPS!!!}.
  • A Power Switch (3A, 250V -- ratings actually depend upon the supply voltage in your country).
  • Connecting Wires.
  • Pet Bottles {or any other sturdy plastic would do the job!).
  • L.E.D.s {The more, The Better!!!... I used 40 L.E.D.s -- 3.6V, 18mA}.
  • Yellow (water based) Paint.
  • Black marker pen.
  • Aluminium foil paper
  • 10 ohms resistors (at least 0.25W)--3 pieces
  • A bowl (to be used as mould for the body!).
  • A glass (to make the cavity for the L.E.D.s!!!).
  • Cellophane paper (optional).
In case you are not able to get anything, just leave a comment...
<p>That is really cute. I think you did a great job.</p>
<p>Thanks! :D</p>
<p>If you have molds of everything, you can mass produce.</p><p>LOL</p>
<p>If you have molds of everything, you can mass produce.</p><p>LOL</p>
Just to follow up, I did end up finishing this project: <br> <br>http://tinyurl.com/b6xp2vx <br> <br>I'm glad you posted this instructable, using hot glue worked out very well.
Amazing!.... those horse ears really look nice.... :D
Dude where did you get sugru in india?????.....have searched for it alot yet can't find it
awsome dude you made a soldering iron stand form MECHANIX set,well i have the same set lying around need to see if all those bit's are still in the box or i may have lost most of them over the years.
Oh!..you noticed that!... :D <br>Well, in case you are not able to find the screws, you can always buy some from any hardware store.....as I did too!!!... :)
made myself a soldering iron stand too :) :)
<strong>AWESOME!!! :D</strong><br> I'm gifting you a <u><strong>THREE MONTHS PRO&nbsp;</strong></u>dude!!! &nbsp;<strong>:D</strong> &nbsp;(I'll <strong>PM</strong> it to you!)<br> Cheers and Enjoy!!! &nbsp;<strong>:D</strong><br> <br>
<strong>Thanks :) :) :)</strong>
Well I got it from Instructables!.... in the Instructables prize pack that I got when I won a challenge and a contest...... :D (yup!..Instructables is AWESOME!!!. ;) )
BTW, even M-seal painted red, should work the same!!..... :D
thank's for taking the time to reply back, will have to try it with m-seal(never have liked it it's a sticky mess) <br>:)
It's a mess for sure!...
Very cool idea. Since I didn't see it in the materials list: what kind of oil did you use? I'm planning on doing this for a project of my own. Though I'm using plywood as the thing I'm casting in and so I don't know that oil is even what I'd want to use on that, but I'm still curious.
Well I just used the mustard oil...but I think any other vegetable or <u><strong>machine</strong></u> oil shall do the job equally well!..(I'd prefer machine oil though with plywood...)....<strong> :D</strong><br> <br> Can't wait to see your results!!!!!..... <strong>:D</strong><br> <br> cheers!....<strong> :D</strong>
This gives me sooo many ideas... Just a quick question. How many hot glue sticks did you use? And the glue won't stick to the tape? <br> <br>Great job! <br>Adam
I just used around 8 glue sticks of 11 inches each.... <br>2 for the head, 2 for hands and legs and the remaining for the body..... <br> <br>well, it might tend to stick to tape if no proper oiling/lubrication is done.... <br> <br>:D Thanks!!!... :D
this sure is a winner!
:D Thanks!!!... :D
hope you win dude!
:O <br>But it hasn't been accepted yet!!! <br>I think it's time that I should ask for help on the help forum.... <br> <br>Thanks a lot by the way!!.... :D
Say what?! That's hot glue?! I'm amazed by how well that worked, nice job!
Even I was!!... <br>:D Thanks!!! :D
He looks very impressive!
:D Thanks a lot!!! :D

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