Step 2: Printing the Net

Picture of Printing the Net
The first thing you need to do is print off the net for the model
you can download it below, There are two options, you can either download the yellow and orange robot or a blank template so you can colour it in yourself !
when you click print make sure you check the "center image" box and don't check the scale to fit box or the image will become distorted.
Robot Net.pdf(595x842) 381 KB
Chowmix125 years ago
2/5..   a bit confusing.. ADD BLACK OUTLINES makes it a lot easier to cut...
BECKBERRY5 years ago
same here can seen um
Spydamonky5 years ago
 i cant see the tabs... =(   could you check it out to see if its a problem on your side or mine. i want one sooo bad