Picture of Instructables Robot T.P. Dispenser
If you are inexperienced in embroidery, a simple but fun way to learn some of the basic stitches is the use of plastic canvas.  It can be cut and decorated and whipped together to create 3D objects. The basic stitches used in working with plastic canvas are the whip stitch, the satin stitch and the back stitch.  I was on Pintrest (as usual) and saw a robot toilet tissue dispenser here:  I thought, “I want one.”  Then I looked at the price and thought, “I want to make one.”  I have spent the last couple of months thinking on how to turn this idea into an Instructables Robot.  Here it is and here is how I made it using plastic canvas, yarn (think, “fat thread”) a yarn needle, and some PVC pipe.  Let’s go.
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Step 1:

Picture of
6 pieces of 32 hole by 32 hole plastic canvas
3 pieces 4 hole by 32 hole plastic canvas (not shown)
Yellow 4 play yarn
Black 4 play yarn (a scrap will do, not shown)
Yarn needle (not so large that they won’t go through the little holes, not shown)
2 - 1 1/8 inch red buttons (not shown)
Red thread (not shown)
Sewing needle (not shown)
5.5 inch piece ¾ inch PVC pipe
2 end caps to fit ¾ inch PVC pipe
Red spray paint (not shown)
1 roll of toilet paper

Step 2:

Picture of
You will need to cut holes in 3 of the 6 plastic canvas squares.  In 2 of them measure down 10 squares from the top and 12 squares from each side, then measure a square that is 8 holes by 8 holes.  Cut out the square and trim off the little sides at are sticking up.  These two pieces will be the sides of the head and place from which the ears will emerge.
call me crazy but I sooooo want to make this!
That is just wonderful! I have so much plastic canvas (I would buy it whenever I found it at a garage sale) I should try this :)
That is amazing! I hope you get it featured!
danlynne072 years ago
lol. what a cute idea.
rrkrose2 years ago
This is so adorable!