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Introduction: Instructables Robot Wax Stamp

Before home computers were around; I used to write a lot of hand written letters. I was always looking for ways to embellish my stationary and envelopes. Occasionally I will write friends or family members a special letter letting them know how much I love and appreciate them. Maybe when they are old,  they will stumble across one of my letters and it will put a smile on their face, " all of my family and friends know I am a huge Instructables fan." What could be better than an Instructables robot stamp on a letter, envelope, box or lid! I decided to try crayons and they worked perfectly! This instructable will show you how to make an instructables robot wax stamp! Let's get started!

Step 1: Supplies

Caution: hot wax will burn you and it can catch on fire! Please use caution.
This is what you will need:

A few yellow crayons a great way to use up broken crayons. 
Small tin can
Small sauce pan or candle warmer
Wax paper
Instructables robot lapel pin
1 or 2 Popsicle sticks
Red Marker

Step 2: Preparations

Remove the paper from the crayons.
Cut a square from the wax paper larger than the stamp.

I wrapped the wax paper around a bottle that was slightly larger than the robot 
and twisted it around to form a circle. Then I cut off the top of the paper so it was shorter and I flared out the edges allowing just enough depth to hold the wax.This made a nice even circle but it was a little more difficult to remove the wax stamp when it dried. I liked this method better than pouring the wax on a flat piece of wax paper. The benefit of using wax paper is: if the mold does not turn out you can peel it off the wax paper and re-heat it.  


Step 3: Melt the Crayons

Pour 1 cup of water into a small pan and heat until boiling.
Turn off the heat as soon as it has come to a hard boil.
Place crayons into the tin can.
Place the can into the pan of water.
Stir using the Popsicle stick if needed. 
Remove the tin can from the pan of water after the crayons are melted.

Step 4: Pour

Pour the melted wax onto the wax paper, "reserving a small amount of wax to attach the robot to an envelope or card."
Watch closely until the shiny wax turns to a flat color, about 2 minutes.
Stamp the wax using the robot lapel pin. Press lightly for best results.
Using the red marker; color the robot as shown.


Step 5: Remove

Carefully remove the wax robot from the wax paper.
Re-heat the water until boiling.
Turn off the heat.
Place the can of reserved melted wax back into the pan.
Melt wax.
Pour a small dot on an envelope or item to attach the robot to.
Press the wax robot on the dot lightly to attach.

Step 6: Sunshiine's Final Thoughts

I love my robot wax stamp! I used mine to embellish the jar of my homemade jam! I will be using it on crafts that I give away and for writing letters. If you have never stamped with wax, it may take you a few tries to get the image the way you like but the good news is you can re-heat the wax if you make a mistake. I tried pouring the hot wax directly on the paper and after a couple of fails decided to use the wax paper instead. It worked perfectly! 

I wish to thank Instructables and our sponsors for the great prizes for all the contest! I also want to thank everyone for stopping by and I hope your day shines!



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where can I get a pin like that?

I won mine by entering an instructable contest. Hope that helps.

thanks I don't think I will win a contest anytime soon

Great idea! The recipient could use it as a crayon too!

I wish people did wax stamping more today! It just looks so fancy :) You should enter this into the Holiday Gifts Contest too :)

Thanks for stopping by Penolopy! I guess I will! Have a splendorous day!

Thanks! I love robots especially yours!

Thanks! I love all you do, because you make your creations with so much love! :-)

Aw thanks Langer! You are correct I do make creations with my whole heart!
Thanks so much for your support! It is appreciated! Your robots express a lot of love also! Art speaks to the soul!