The unofficial one anyway... Wikileaks has just divulged the blueprints for the Instructables Suggestion Box and now it's awesomeness can be replicated.  No corporate workplace or hackerspace should be without one. Install one today.

A suggestion box serves as an input point for creative ideas where one can submit anything and everything, anonymously or not.  See your ideas take wings and fly.  Always available for use.  Contribution is open to everyone and participation is encouraged.

Step 1: Rummage About...

You could probably get this thing at that place that has the Easy Buttons, but just cobble it together from scrap material you might have in the shed.

You can fabricate the box from most anything, plastic, wood, metal, cardboard, etc.
I had a few scrap pieces of leftover mdf wainscoting that fit the bill.  It is pre-primed so I don't think I will even bother painting it.

You will also need:

2 small hinges for the cover.

A lock hasp.

A small padlock to use on the hasp.  If traveling, make sure it is TSA approved or it will get clipped off when they check your luggage.

You may need some more scrap wood to use as support blocking if necessary.

You need a drill and 1/2 inch diameter drill bit to make the mounting hole and slot opening.

You need a utility knife or saw to cut your pieces.

I was able to construct this with hot glue but you can use screws, nails, brads, or regular glue.

For decoration you will need the official Instructables sticker

CAUTION: Know your tools. Sharp things are sharp. Hot things are hot.
Love the suggestion box (and the shameless plugs to it). :P <br> <br>Great job.
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha<br><br>Fav'd! (I'd also give it five stars but the rating system is broken and I don't have to tell YOU about the sheer futility of reporting it...)
Caitlinsdad, I don't speak English, then I don't understand some things. Maybe you can answer me: Is there a &quot;virtual&quot; suggestions box in Instructables? If there is not, it would be very useful.
I pm'ed you.
One of these should be nailed to the door of every member of parliament :-)<br>A simple to make box like this can be put to so many uses.<br>With the omission of the slot &amp; the addition of a hole in the front &amp; a perch this would make a good nesting box for our feathered friends; it would make a great weekend project for kids.<br>Schools could make them for Christmas mailboxes, a club I was a member of many years ago used something similar fixed to the bar for members to post cheques for membership fees.<br>Our local doctors surgery has a cardboard box with a slot in the top for people to post requests for repeat prescriptions, something like this would be perfect for them.<br>A great way to make use of some of those scraps of wood so many of us keep &quot;just in case it comes in handy&quot;<br>A nice 'ible just in time for the weekend, I may use this idea for our six year old grandsons first proper woodwork project.
A little thinner box would probably be a great bathouse. Hook it up with a webcam to check on them.<br><br>If the youngin is not ready for hammer and nails, you can use a thick glue or a caulking gun type of adhesive. It would be easier to set the pieces in place. Decorate any way you want. Have fun.

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