Step 10: Citations

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wjat abot pictures
You mentioned the Instructables community sharing ideas, etc.among themselves; but, what amazes me is disproportionate the number of people who find my published Instructables through web searches when looking for a solution to a problem in contrast to the number of the Instructales community who look at my submissions. A few people of whom I know joined Instructables because they were looking for a solution to a problem I had provided in one of my published Instructables. It is not a big deal, but it feels good when it happens. <br> <br>I thought you might discuss the differences in licensing agreements. I always accept the basic arrangement that makes the Instructable available to all without much of any individual rights. Benjamin Franklin made his inventions available to the public for the benefit of humanity. I have long felt that is not a bad thing, and I could do that with anything I had that was unique. Of course, thing that came into my mind were often also discovered by others and were not anything totally unique to me. <br> <br>I wish you well with your school project.
Who is &quot;Yetizap&quot;, and why did you use their &quot;You&quot; page in step 3 instead of your own?
This is a school project on how to use a web 2.0 tool and he was my project partner. we used his you page so that we could take the picture on his computer and put them on the instructable on my computer.

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