Step 11: Tip Sheet

Tip sheet

Q: Can this tool have a positive effect on anyhting?

A: Instructables can help your community by making your house more efficient to save money, or help generate ideas to raise money or make public events more fun.

Q: Do you need any hardware or software to use this tool?

A: None, if you have a computer and internet you are all good.

Q: What NETS student standards can this tool be classified under?

A: Creativity and innovation, Communication and collaboration and Critical thinking.

Q: What tool did you choose?

A: Our tool is Instructables, this website allows you to view, create and interact with different parts of the website including, creating an Instructable, customizing a profile and talking with other users.

Q: How can I open Instructables at school or at home?

A: To open Instructables at school or home you need a computer and internet, also Instructables is not Deep nined so it can open on almost any computer.

Q: Do you need to download anything to use the tool or is it web based ?

A: No downloading needed, Instructables is web based.

Q: how do you set up an account

A: To set up an account press “sign up” and follow the instructions, for more information on how to use the Instructables website view the Instructable entitled “Instructable techtorial.”

Q: Where else is this web 2.0 tool found?

A: Instructables can be found on facebook and Twitter.