Step 9: Macros

There are only four "macros" supported in the I'bles formatter:

  • Line Break
  • Timestamp
  • Image
    Macro Not Found:
  • Video
    missing movie url...

The image macro cannot be directly accessed by typing; use the attach image button on the text input.

You can, however, insert videos manually. To insert a video, use two brackets, "Video", insert the URL in parenthesis, after the URL,use one space and put the desired width and height in curly brackets in the form width: XXX, height: XXX, (note that the video will always display the same size, but if you adjust these numbers from the default of 425 by 350 the comment itself will appear larger) " { } ", and close parenthesis and end with two regular brackets.

Like so:

[[ Video(http://www.youtube.com/example video that does not exist {width:425, height:350})] ] (Spaces between brackets left only to show you; they should be omitted in practice)

Video inserted manually:

  [[Timestamp]]  Inserts the current time in Pacific (US) time zone.
Inserts the current time in Pacific (US) time zone.
<em><strong><big>. This iBle was obsoleted by the introduction of the new editor in early 2010. The information here no longer applies at Instructables.</big></strong></em><br> <br>
^i^&nbsp; ~~dont~~ know<br />
&nbsp;oops didnt work
^sure it does!^
&nbsp;This may be obsolete because some of these features are for pro's only.
Ya I know I'm kinda mad...it's cool when they add extra features for people who pay, but <em>removing</em> features from standard accounts? Uber meh<br />
''italics'' right! ''italics'<br />
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I was too, untill someone posted in a comment on how to; I just realized that it was in this instructable.&nbsp;
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