Step 3: Draw Upon Your Experiences

What have you done or would like to do?

What don't you like to do?

What have you been pushed into?

What are your hopes and fears?

No, this is not some psychological test.  Although, this is the best place for DIY analysis and get non-expert advice.

Formulate your attitude.

What kind of personality do you have?

Are you a skater, goth, k'nex'er, or weenie?

What stereotypes are you stereotypical of?

Is your noggin crammed full of useless trivia?

Do you watch too much TV, or play way too much video games?
I saw one of your cartoon drawings on a Kiteman's Law page and I was told you were the artist. I love to draw, and can make photo realistic images, but cartoons require a whole other talent. I am thoroughly impressed with your creativity and skill. Great job and thanks for sharing your work with the community. :)
Oh my goodness how did I miss this?! Brilliant! I would say it was brilliant even if I wasn't in them, although that certainly doesn't hurt :D. Also, should I take James Dean as a compliment?
That is a philosophical 50/50 question? Either way I can't win?
Not at all; I'm just pop-culture deficient. ;)
I didn't realize you could get this in-depth on a comic. I did try and make a few around 5 years back but I could never really think of any good jokes, they were always recycled with a few alterations. Oh well.
I would imagine that someone is using this to write a term-paper for summer school or something. Good jokes are good jokes, they are always recycled with a few alterations. Give it another try.
Hey,<br><br>This comic was already posted on the internet, before you posted yours. It can't be a coincidence that you create the same comic, with the same dialogue, the same characters and the scene a bit edited-with a doctor on a side. If you think I'm lying check out these links:<br><br>http://www.nextnature.net/2007/08/on-the-internet-knowbody-knows-youre-a-dog/<br><br>http://smarterpodcasts.com/gooddog/theDogs/gooddog_pics.php<br><br>Wtih Regards,<br>Ibrahim Zafar.
The image notes says it is a hacked comic.<br><br>The original was posted as part of some response to a forum topic somewhere. I took the image from that post and modified it with additional characters(Kiteman, Nachodog, ibles homepage on the display screen) apropos to Instructables.<br><br>It would take a while to find that topic but yes, the original author of the comic should be attributed with diligent research, but it was a one-off comment used in a personal reply.<br> <br>
Hi,<br>But still the statement and the dog on the PC are the same, no matter what additional characters or scene you changed. As long as the meaning of the comic is the same, you copied. Sorry, but I didn't mean to offend you.
Exactly. Do you understand the comic connotations of Bizzaro world? Do you understand the meaning of poetic license? Do you understand the &quot;Hmmm, what if...?&quot; <br><br>I am in a way &quot;Warholing&quot; an someone else's work. I could have deleted the original artist's signature but I wanted to present my &quot;overlay&quot; or what I thought about the original comic as my interpretation, same for the Peanuts and XKCD comics.<br>Applied in context - as used in a reply to someone's comment, it was just to underscore the fun we have around here, not as a misrepresentation of a piece of art.<br><br>It is my point to say, find something funny, make you think, and can you make it more appropriate and make it funnier. Where do you find inspiration? <br><br>Aside from the DMCA implications, what's your point?
DCMA is exactly what I meant. Apart from that, I had no problem.
Apart from that, I had no problem. (see what I did there?)
Oh man, I love the Ploki comic.
And where have you been, young man? Is their an heir to the timelord's throne?
Haha, excellent.<br><br>I have been busy trying to set myself up as a freelance designer. However, I do hope to produce my second time machine soon. Got a few good parts awaiting their fate.
Get jiggy with it.
You outdid yourself here! I love this!
<br> Super, thank you.<br> <br> L<br>
note to self - work on Super L comix.
I did love this thing!<br>You draw pretty good .
I'm curious -- What does it mean to &quot;kown&quot;? And why is this the &quot;unkown&quot; comic?
Dang, pulled over by the Grammar Nazee already.<br>Fixed. :-)
I always make a point of keeping up to date with <a href="http://xkcd.com/archive/">XKCD</a> and <a href="http://questionablecontent.net/archive.php">QuestionableContent</a> (note - QC is not always entirely safe for work).<br>
I knew this would draw out the usual suspects.
<sub><sub>Innocent whistle.</sub></sub>
This is great stuff K. I can't draw very well and have found http://www.xtranormal.com/ (rich editor not working) to be an easy place to make a small &quot;comic&quot; to get my point across or to try to be clever. The drawback (puns are always intended) is that you have to use their characters, but if you can type - you can make a comic.
That software is interesting, too bad you can't hack your own characters, there's probably an open-source version somewhere.

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