Picture of Top Trumps inspired Instructables Card Game
Top Trumps is a card game of chance, knowledge and skill. A fight to the death to posses the whole of a deck of special cards.

This version of the game replaces the classic cars, aeroplanes and tanks with you, the instructables community! The following steps explain why we did it, how we did it, how you can get some and how to play.

This collaboration was brought to you with massive help from gmjhowe, Lithium Rain, Kiteman, Yokozuna, KentsOkay and Lemonie.

We're selling decks of these cards, printed double sided on quality card, for the bargain price of £10 delivered worldwide. All profits go towards funding the Instructables stall at the UK Maker Faire in Newcastle on March 13th/14th!

Promotional video starring gmjhowe and rainbow_han.

Kiteman's reaction when he got given his pack of cards:

Step 1: Choosing the cards - by Yokozuna!

Picture of Choosing the cards - by Yokozuna!
One of the hardest bits of this project was choosing the right instructablers for the game! With so many to choose from we were bound to offend someone by forgetting about them. Since it's just a game we hope you're not offended if you're not on the list. If you ARE offended, blame Yokozuna. It's all his fault!!!!

We tried to pick all the obvious instructablers with lots of ibles and comments under their belts. We've thrown in a few surprises to keep the game interesting!  Choosing 104 names out of thousands and thousands of people was a difficult process, so please don't feel bad if you were left out.  Instead, think of it as a real honor to be included in the deck.

=SMART=, 1up, acidbass, alittlestranger, anarchistasian, angryredhead, Brennn10, bumpus, burf, bylerfamily, caitlinsdad, CameronSS, canida, chicken2209, ChrysN, cowscankill, crispyjones, dan, denkbert, derin, dombeef, domestic_engineer, drinkmorecoffee, ewilhelm, fungus+amungus, ganglion, giannyl, gingerpete50, gjdj3, gmjhowe, Goodhart, GorillazMiko, guyfrom7up, hatsuli, HiyaDudez, i_am_canadian, Instructables+Robot, jamesrpatrick, jayefuu, jeff-o, jessyratfink, KaptinScarlet, keith-kid, kelseymh, kentsokay, Killer~SafeCracker, killerjackalope, kipkay, Kiteman, kNeXFreek, kryptonite, labot2001, lasvegas, lateral+thinker, lebowski, leeski, lemonie, LinuxH4x0r, Lithium+Rain, ll.13, merijnvw, mg0930mg, mikeasaurus, Mr.+Rig+It, n8man, NachoMahma, nagutron, nepheron, noahw, orksecurity, philb, PKM, plasmana, purduecer, rachel, randofo, ravingmadstudios, recreate, scoochmaroo, shadow+ops, shastalore, shesparticular, siliconghost, skate6566, spl1nt3rc3ll, steveastrouk, StumpChunkman, Sunbanks, T3h_Muffinator, technick29, tetranitrate, The+4th+Doctor, The+Ideanator, Thermoelectric, timanderson, tombuckey, Tool+Using+Animal, wasagi, weissensteinburg, woodenshoespress, yokozuna, zachninme, zieak
Hiyadudez5 years ago
Yay! They finally came (it was worth the wait) To anyone looking to buy them, they are great quality and printing. They also include some pretty good members =D (meeeeeeeee) Lol, anyway. Thanks guys. They are awesome. They just arrived today.
Jayefuu (author)  Hiyadudez5 years ago
Glad you like 'em :D
SparkySolar9 months ago
I was unable to use paypal
tacocats1 year ago
i play now
Does there happen to be another set lying around somewhere?
Jayefuu (author)  GorillazMiko2 years ago
I don't know, you'd have to PM gmjhowe.
AshleighLm3 years ago
Is it a game? Or a collectable?
Jayefuu (author)  AshleighLm3 years ago
Are these still available? and is their a new edition printed every year? Oddly enough I seem to have begun collecting instructable icon items and these would be an awesome addition
builderkidj3 years ago
where is me!
DJ Radio3 years ago
Yall need to make some booster packs.
May i ask where and how these are printed?
Mutantflame3 years ago
I want these, I want these, I want these.
Chirpoff4 years ago
Doesn't look like I'm in there, heh. Oh, well, what fun! Congrats, Goodhart and StumpChunkman! :D
what you should do is when there is a new member you pm them and ask them if they want to be in it and if yes you should add it on
This is for people that have contributed to the site, not new people with no instructables, the pack would also get very big very quickly!
vishalapr4 years ago
I wish we could win a pack of these in some sort of contest! It would be really awesome!
abbyr4 years ago
i can't find my comment anywhere on here
abbyr4 years ago
cool i llove top trumps games. i love it even though i didn't watch the video
You guys are a riot! So much fun!!!! Really cool card game.
splazem4 years ago
Cool. A newer version, perhaps?
so cool! will you be doing an updated version in the future?
where can i get some? PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
See step four, or contact gmjhowe or jayefuu.

Has it been too long? Can I still get some?
I think gmjhowe still has some left - just drop him a PM.

If he doesn't reply in a day or two, I have his email address.

Well I did the paypal thing. Does that go to him?
Wow! How did I miss I was on this! Thanks everyone!
Can I still get them or has it been too long?
Dr. Pepper4 years ago
I got mine!!!! Yay!
Where do you get some?
See step four, or contact gmjhowe or jayefuu.

Maybe in the future, you could make other decks commemorating other members. Its a great idea and well done.
chicopluma4 years ago
the famous instructable autors, i hope i can be in them some day
Dr. Pepper4 years ago
Are they still for sale?
Jayefuu (author)  Dr. Pepper4 years ago
Yes they are, if you send gmjhowe a PM he can set you up with a pack.
Ok, I actually just went ahead and bought them last night.
account3r24 years ago
you didnt put Admin!
I'm aware that I'm a bit late.
Oooooooooooooh!! I wanna see my card. Now.
how much is 10 lbs in Us dollars
Jayefuu (author)  AwesomeSwordGuy4 years ago
$15.89 at the moment
that card have my name
No it doesn't, did you read the infomation?
strship474 years ago
Really good stuff on the Deadcatz card instructions.
Any chance on getting the PSD files? links not working
gtoal strship474 years ago
Argh. Didn't realise that site had gone stiff :-( It's not my site; however I probably do still have the original files on archive somewhere. I'll look them out and post links here.
gtoal4 years ago
For folks who enjoy making cards, here's a set I put together 10 years ago; yuou may find some helpful construction hints in the writeup: http://www.deadcatz.com/cardinstructions.HTML


The Jamalam5 years ago
Was I made into a card? Has anybody got me? :D
There was a step where there was a list of people who were in the deck.
It is not a trading card game, If you were and you get a deck or ask someone who does have one or ask one of the people who worked on the project.
Randomguy655 years ago
Am I in the stack?
Go look^
frollard5 years ago
...well not really, but still a bit sad :S -- I guess that means I need more ibles!
I'd like to take this opportunity to express my happiness in the form of a haiku:

My cards came today.
Made me laugh until I peed.
Glad I ordered them!
Jayefuu (author)  RavingMadStudios5 years ago
Glad you like them RMS. Were you as excited as Kiteman was when Gmjhowe handed him his? http://www.instructables.com/id/Opening-the-Instructables-Card-Game/
Well, I didn't have quite the full-on geekout freakout that Kiteman did, but there was quite a bit of giggling and cheering as I went through the pack....
1up5 years ago
Very nice, and once again I'm glad I was one of the chosen. :D It seems a lot of people have these special avatars, how is this done?
1up 1up5 years ago
Oh, how interesting, it seems that posting a comment on this Instructable gives you the stats mouseover under your avatar. Cool. :) Is there any way to remove it at our own discretion? (Not that I want to, but for future reference.)
dombeef 1up5 years ago
To not have any instructables...
Kiteman5 years ago
We noticed.
Noticed what?
I bet somebody hasn't bought a deck...
For a given value of somebody... :-P
geoslim135 years ago
Any idea when the PDF will be available. I would like to have them but have no money. I also know that it does say that the PDF will be out when 100 decks are sold, but I would just like to know if there are any guesses on when we can download the PDF.
EmmettO5 years ago
For flavor, try Cockroach, Foot, Nuke. Foot beats cockroach. Cockroach beats nuke. Nuke beats foot. The signs are two fingers out for the cockroach antenna (like scissors but palm down). Hand flat palm down for foot (like paper). Nuke is palm up hand open (for an explosion).
Any idea what the status of these is? I ordered mine on May 28th and still haven't seen or heard anything. Seems a little suspicious.
You get a special mention.
Yeah! Thanks! I received notice that they have shipped. I can't wait to check them out.
Jayefuu (author)  siliconghost5 years ago
I should be seeing a pack today. Gmjhowe is visiting :)

They will be posted this coming week, he had some problems with the printing in that he was expecting them to come printed as a whole sheet being one pack but the guy that ran the printer did them so that each sheet was one card. So now he has 3000 cards to sort into piles and then check there are no duplicates or mistakes!

Sorry it's taken so long, I shall remind him Sunday before he goes home and hopefully the cards will be posted Monday or Tuesday.

jeff-o Jayefuu5 years ago
Ouch. That's a pain in the arse (and wrists, I suppose!) Very excited about receiving mine!
Instead of rock-paper-scissors I demand we play "rock paper scissors lizard spock"

This way the game ends in less ties that are caused by players who know eachother and so can predict the move of their opponent!
y' know, my brother actually did this for a project once, depicting to his high school class how toplay r.p.s.l.s.(compression of rock,paper, scissors, lizard, spock)
bugolf GeekBeam5 years ago
Project on what
GeekBeam bugolf5 years ago
rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock, he put it in a sheldon kind of explanation
What's the hand signal for lizards?

This should answer your question my friend :)
Heh. Funny.
Bartboy5 years ago
Well, I can't complain that I'm not on the list, but I would think that KillerK, The Jamalam and Jollex ought to be. Well, maybe just KillerK, but he really ought to have been. One thing comes to mind: expansion packs? You could make packs of the different categories ie. Tech, Toys, food etc...
Hiyadudez5 years ago

Hey guys,

I bought a pack of the cards around 1-2 weeks ago, I live in the UK but i still havent received them.

Any idea how long they will take to get here?

Thanks :-)

You live in the UK?! same i never knew there was any other knexers in the uk
Yep, theres me and:

The Jamalam

And some others, go to some of my very old forum topics and there is one with loads of people in the uk.
And me!
which town? If you don't mind me asking :-)
im in the middle-east (not telling any more)
Wigan, you know, pies, rugby, steam engines, coal, cotton, industry:
Jayefuu (author)  Hiyadudez5 years ago
They have been printed now. Gmjhowe just has to round the corners (which he might have already done, I don't know) and then package and post them. Will hassle him again next time I see him on IRC ;)
Flashflint5 years ago
Looks interesting.
MegaMetal85 years ago
Can i have a card to use as my avatar
you already have one
Jayefuu (author)  dombeef5 years ago
He he he. He does now :p
dombeef Jayefuu5 years ago
This is very cool! Who did this? and also what is the number below your icon?
Jayefuu (author)  dombeef5 years ago
HQ did it. The number below is the number of instructables I/you have released.
dombeef Jayefuu5 years ago
Cool! Although my card would lose in most of those games Do the cards stats update over time?
Jayefuu (author)  dombeef5 years ago
Daily I believe.
dombeef Jayefuu5 years ago
Ok but what if you got a deck the first day and your friend got a card a month from now? Will your friend have an unfair advantage in a game?
Jayefuu (author)  dombeef5 years ago
Oh sorry I thought you were talkiing about the new cards on peoples profiles.
dombeef Jayefuu5 years ago
So does it change over time?
XOIIO5 years ago
I was also wondering how people are chosen. Yesterday the site was down a bit, and now today I have the special avatar!
SpaceDucky5 years ago
HAHAHAHA I will destroy this puny card game buy copying the card pic and adding my own profile pic and stats!!!!!! Then I just have to print on glossy photo paper, round the edges with a paper trimmer, scan the finished result, and repost the scan as my avatar!!!!! Or I could just buy a deck for 15 bucks.... yeah lets go with that. (seriously tho would I get in trouble for making my own card similar to these for personal use?)
kcls5 years ago
How's it going? Have you sold a bunch yet?
scooterb235 years ago
Hey, just wanted to add my support for the project. A friend of mine told me about this, and I bought a deck before I even became a member of the instructables site! I hope this project is a success, and I can't wait to get my hands on the cards and learn about this new community I have joined!
Jayefuu (author)  scooterb235 years ago
Thanks scooter! And welcome to the community :)
zack2475 years ago
awww... too bad i cant figure out how to get a paypal set up. i just cant get the card number thing figured out.
Goodhart5 years ago
Ah yes, well one of these days hopefully....unless there is a time limitation....
shastalore5 years ago
Well, uh, what can I say...
Just when I thought, maybe, I was beginning to slow down at age 58, my zany mugshot appears in a rogues' gallery deck of cards.
Now my wife will have to continue to make excuses for me  -and I will still be a source of embarrassment to my son and daughter (both in college).
Life's GOOD!

thank you, I keep getting this OLD MAN designation, and I am only 52 (soon) :-)
seabananers5 years ago
how many pro members are their lemonie and kiteman show up all over the place
Lots !
Kryptonite5 years ago
Some one slap me, I forgot to buy it last Saturday!
Jayefuu (author)  Kryptonite5 years ago
Good job it's not too late then! :D
To quote my local card holder:
"I'll look at it later"
seabananers5 years ago
you guys are terrible actors
Its meant to be like that.
Thats sweet! I'm honered to be in there somewhere... I might have to get me a set.

Thanks so much!
Plasmana5 years ago
Nice! The cards are out! I an so going to buy a pack as soon as i get a paypal account! In the mean time, do you have a PDF of everybody's cards? I want to see what my card looks like.. :)
Jayefuu (author)  Plasmana5 years ago
We've been sending out JPEGs of peoples cards once they've bought a pack so they can see what it's like in advance of receiving their pack. 
ahh okay
Jayefuu (author)  Plasmana5 years ago
Send me a PM when you've bought your pack and I'll whizz over the image for you to see or use as an avatar :)
Keith-Kid5 years ago
Ooh ooh I SO want a me card!
Jayefuu (author)  Keith-Kid5 years ago
You had better dust off your paypal account then :)
im very falttered to be included! Just blogged about it here: http://www.alittlestranger.com/wordpress/2010/05/instructables-top-trumps/ great job guys! :) :)
Jayefuu (author)  alittlestranger5 years ago
Arbitror5 years ago
Can someone send me a PDF or PNG of my card? I don't want to wait for 100 to be sold!
 You could always buy a pack, and support a good cause!
This is true....

Could I buy just one card?

Love the accent by the way!
 Sure! You can buy just one card.

Only £10 incl P+P.

 So I was mentioned in the video. Awesome. Haha. I shall try commenting more, but I shall keep Twittering. 
And I wasn't afforded the honor, but you dont tweet that much, you just re-tweet everything.
 It depends on how I am feeling. I try not to tweet that much because I use Ping.FM, and it updates Facebook aswell. People on facebook dislike a lot of updates.

I just try to tweet less because of gmjhowe...
Ordered mine just seconds ago. I forgot to put my username in the PayPal comments, though. :-(
Kryptonite5 years ago
Yay! It's finally done!

Awesome, I plan on getting some soon! I've got money, but I'll need to borrow some one's PayPal...

As you sell more and more, can we see how much you've made so far?

5*, faved!
Jayefuu (author)  Kryptonite5 years ago
Yes I should think we'll update with number of packs sold and hence profit made for the stall. 3 sold so far!

Would I be able to get a digital copy of mine? I'm going to be buying a set (as promised) but even then, it's hard to get a good copy of it for a display picture!
Jayefuu (author)  Kryptonite5 years ago
Anyone that's already in the deck can get their cutout for an avatar when they buy a pack. Just be sure to include your username in the paypal payment or we won't know!

Anyone that isn't currently in the pack will get theirs when we rerun the script after 100 are sold.
Fair enough! Expect mine in exactly 3 days 20 hours and 6 minutes.

I just realised I got my first featured Instructable literally days after this.
 YAY! Just payed for mine :)

Couple of questions...
  1. How long will they take to arrive (a guess is fine)
  2. Is it wrong to brag to my friends that I have them?
1) I shall ask gmjhowe today
2) Absolutely not! Especially if it means it convinces them to buy a pack too ;) Then you could play a MASSIVE game of instructables snap ;)
aww im not on there ah well
Jayefuu (author)  knexsuperbuilderfreak5 years ago
Anyone that buys a deck will have their own card included in the pdf deck we publish once we sell 100.
Is it possable that i cant get 2 extra cards (with my friends ibles accounts)?
cant wait to get one then =D
lemonie5 years ago
I don't want my 110 seconds back. However, I do have a desire to go shopping...

nickodemus5 years ago
Finally here! Nice work on it guys!
Jayefuu (author)  nickodemus5 years ago
JohnJY5 years ago
 Who's all in it!? Those are a lot of cards!
DJ Radio JohnJY5 years ago
There's a full list in one of the steps.
JohnJY DJ Radio5 years ago
ploogle5 years ago
How are you printing the cards?
Jayefuu (author)  ploogle5 years ago
Gmjhowe works as a graphic designer. His work have all the printers and cutting stuff to make a really pro looking job of it :)
DJ Radio5 years ago
I think the only real issue with this game is that you have to constantly update the stats and reprint cards.

Other than that, good idea for a game.
caitlinsdad5 years ago
Is there some method of making a custom "joker" card - maybe blank so that the user can put their own selected user profile on the card?  This is for all the people who were not selected for the 101 choices.
Ohh, I can think of a few people whould fit that card nicely.
 Great Idea! I will look into that..

An auto generator would be ideal..
dombeef gmjhowe5 years ago
 Yeah Like a online site that you put your username in and you can buy the deck with your name too
Jayefuu (author)  gmjhowe5 years ago
*starts a rousing chorus of "why are we waiting"* :p
gmjhowe Jayefuu5 years ago
 Ok ok! I will get it done by next weekend (I am away this weekend). Thats a deadline, and I am putting it in place to get things going.
Jayefuu (author)  gmjhowe5 years ago
Yessssssss. You had better. Or I WILL set Kiteman on you.
depotdevoid5 years ago
This is awesome!  I'm sad I wasn't selected to be in the 101, but that's okay.  Any chance of having some way to generate a printable version of your own card?
 Once we sell out, we will start doing custom cards, anyone who buys a pack gets both a custom card, and a patch.
Ooooh neat! I'm sad I wasn't chosen for #42 though, maybe next time!
 oh man! wished I was in the list... it's okay. I just have to wait for a few more years and publish a couple 20 more and I'll get up to veteran i'bler status. Hopefully before 2012 (lol)
 Awesome! Once the £10 appears on my debit card I am sooooo buying a pack! 

So thats the t-shirt, button, patch, stickers, Top Trump cards.

Next: Instructables Book..... :-)
kcls5 years ago
So- if everyone who lives near you thinks your a freak because you use this weird site called "instructables", what can you do with them? I will definitely buy a pack, but I was just wondering.
Jayefuu (author)  kcls5 years ago
Show them they're wrong :)
yoyology5 years ago
This is deeply cool.  I love Instructables.  You rock!
1up5 years ago
This is great so far. :) Put me at the top of the "will buy" list. :D
KnexFreek5 years ago
 (this is on step 4) What is US dollars will it be for the "nicest" set of cards?

also, what is the difference between 50, 100, and 200 cards? Is there more types of cards or are the extras cards just copies of the first 50?

can it "ship" to america?

can i buy it somewhere?

Jayefuu (author)  KnexFreek5 years ago
That was just some notes that wont be in the finished version of this instructable. The set (101 cards) will be $13-$15 including postage, still to be determined, but it'll be as cheap as it can. Yes it will ship world wide. The difference between 50, 100 and 200 were the amount of packs we buy from the printers.

You can't buy it yet we're still working on it. Hopefully you'll see it on the front page when we're done :)
 Ok sounds awesome! So, in the instructable, will you have a pic of each card in the deck ? :)
Jayefuu (author)  KnexFreek5 years ago
So you can print your own? :p No. There might be a pdf available after we've sold the batch we pay for.
 NO!!! i just wanted to be in the ible, on a card :)
I'm not even in the deck? :P
Jayefuu (author)  Lithium Rain5 years ago
Ha ha woops. You're on the list now :p
Jayefuu (author)  Jayefuu5 years ago
As a special treat you get to see your stats before everyone else sees theirs!

Instructables: 18
Forum Topics: 120
Subscribers: 90
Answers: 177
Best Answers: 7
Answers Ratio: 3.95%
Total Views: 184,308
Featured Ratio: 27.77%
Date Joined: Feb 15, 2007
:D thank you!

(I must admit that 18 ibles and Featured ratio fills me with shame however...gotta bump that up and kill two birds with one stone :D )
Mine's not quite so good...
Jayefuu (author)  Lithium Rain5 years ago
An average views per ible stat might cheer you up though. I'm on 126k views with 20 ibles.
obviously not playing with a full deck.
Tom Buckey5 years ago
Can people from Britian buy them?
and how much will they be?
Jayefuu (author)  Tom Buckey5 years ago
Yup! They'll most likely be shipping from near Sheffield :)
Any Idea or the price?
Jayefuu (author)  Tom Buckey5 years ago
Should know in a few days. What're you offering? :p
what am I offering for them? As-in how much would I pay?
Jayefuu (author)  Tom Buckey5 years ago
about £3-£4. A bit more than the usual price of them.
BTW did you get my inbox?
This deck has three times the number of cards of an official Top Trumps deck - basing prices on typical TT packs, this game would be equivalent value at £10-£12 for the full 101-card deck.
Jayefuu (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
I think for your instructions Kiteman it might be good for 2 player games to split the pack in half then deal one half between 2. Otherwise it'll last FOREVER!
My sister and I once, when small, played top trump for approximately 2 hours before we gave up trying to end the game "legally". XD
That's how my family's monopoly games go after 10.
Kiteman's suggestion seems like a totally reasonable price for something this unique.
Jayefuu (author)  scoochmaroo5 years ago
It's just as well we're looking at prices just under kiteman's suggestion then isn't it :D (incl postage)
Kiteman Jayefuu5 years ago
I'll re-think - I was expecting around thirty cards in the deck, like Top Trumps.

101 cards would be great if I may say so myself.
I think having 30 would suck because it would only be admins and the best of the best, you need varaity.
Jayefuu (author)  Tom Buckey5 years ago
Yup :)
 This is really awesome you guys! :D
Haven't seen you for a while! :D
 I am hoping that next month I'll start being around again... I will finally be graduating, living in a new apartment, and hopefully CHES certified. Until the end of this month, life is going to continue to be nuts. :P
Can't wait to see more of your Instructables again, your sewing one was a god send, it truly was. Good luck getting through the next month!
Kryptonite5 years ago
When do you think this will be done?
dombeef5 years ago
 Wow thank you so much!
I am very honored to be on this

dombeef dombeef5 years ago
 And Can I colaborate?
LasVegas5 years ago
 Looks like a great project! I'm honored to be in the card list! 

When you get to the point of publishing a print pdf in step 4, Meritline.com sells some great A4 card stock for DVD covers that would be ideal for printing the cards at a reasonable price.
From what I understand, you were most active before I really became a member here, but I did check to see that you were at least somewhat active before including you on the list.  One day a couple of years ago while I was sifting through old forums, I saw you mentioned that someone should do this instructable.  That's how I originally came to know your username, just thought I would pass it along while I thought it was appropriate to do so!
Plasmana5 years ago
I am honored to be part of this project, I can't wait to see the cards! :D

And my avatar, it has always been my same avatar ever since I started 'ibles :)
bumpus5 years ago
Jayefuu (author)  bumpus5 years ago
KnexFreek5 years ago
 Im on a mac (this is on step 2) and i dont know how to view the document, or even what to run it in! LOL HALP!
Jayefuu (author)  KnexFreek5 years ago
It's a Perl script. You don't need it unless you want to see how I scraped all the data from the website. It shouldn't run anyway as I took out a crucial line. But it's there for interest.
Kaiven5 years ago
Yay! My first appearance in any collaboration Instructable!
I feel bad for who ever plays and gets my card, though, because I really don't have the highest stats haha.
Excellent idea and I'm honored to be a part of it! (literally!)
Gjdj35 years ago
Sweet! I love the original, and it's even cooler now that I'm included. :)
Goodhart5 years ago
ChrysN5 years ago
Cool idea!
I'm honored to be included! thanks!
Wasagi5 years ago
 Terrific Idea! 
Awesome! Any idea of how much a deck would cost? (by the way I think profits should go to the website.)
I am honored to be included in this worthy endeavor, and will strive to uphold the high standards thereupon attendant and...

Oh, heck - thanks for picking my avatar, y'all.
scoochmaroo5 years ago
I'm so excited! 
I'll have you know, this is my second appearance in a custom-made game.
ganglion5 years ago
 Thanks for including me in this project! Looking forward to seeing the cards.