I will show you how to make an instructables watch which contains a a burning laser,
Best of all, this is an extremly cheap project. I was impressed by the quality of my own for the price i paid for these materials.
This is inspired by the 007 laser watch that was worn by James Bond .


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For this project, you will need:

(1) Cheap watch(preferably plastic)- Got mine at the local McDonalds, but available at dollar stores too. (58cents)
(1) 5mw laser(any kind)- Walmart,Walgreens or Petsmart (about $2-6 depending on the type of laser)
wire (doesnt matter the brand or type, just plain wire)-Radio Shack($3)
(1) slide switch( any one will do)-Radio Shack(80cents)
A drill
A soldering iron 
A screwdriver
A3v button cell battery

super glue/hot glue/epoxy 


Picture of GUT THE WATCH
For this step, you will need to get your watch, and disassemble it by taking out all the screws, and removing the plastic cover.

Then take out the paper that was in the plastic cover.

You will be replacing it with the instructables logo in the next step.

Do not throw out the paper, you will need it as a template for the following step.


In this step, you will be gutting the inside of your laser.


First, you will unscrew the bottom cap of the laser and take out the button cell batteries.

Then unscrew the top lens if your laser contains one.

Next, take pliers and carefully twist the top of your laser until it becomes free from the housing.
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can you suggest any household item from where i can get the voltage regulator ??

GuavChenko3 months ago
Can't believe kipkay hasn't done one if these
Stupid Person4 months ago
come on man u didn't reply.
You said that u would within 12 hours
Stupid Person4 months ago
And also

Stupid Person4 months ago
Sorry I ment


Stupid Person4 months ago
I would like it if u would post it within a day please

As I will habeas to go to school after 2 daty and would like to have extra yime on hand
Stupid Person4 months ago
I really liked ur ible so even I decide d to make one

The only problem I am having is that I an not able to locate to voltage regulator on my 5mw laser module.
Could you please tell me where is is by posting a pic or a video or something.
That would be of a great help
weargle5 months ago

i couldnt help but to feel like it would make more sense to put a momentary pushbutton switch instead of a slider switch

weargle5 months ago

i couldnt help but to feel like it would make more sense to put a momentary pushbutton switch instead of a slider switch

weargle5 months ago

i couldnt help but to feel like it would make more sense to put a momentary pushbutton switch instead of a slider switch

Ragnarocker2 years ago
hello, wonderful instructable BTW, but the lasers I can get my hands on for cheap in Toronto are the type without a voltage regulator. Instead, the have a micro capacitor (i think its a capacitor) a tiny rectangular prism shape, black in colour, with tiny numbers on it. I have all the materials required to make the laser burn, minus the voltage regulator component. Any suggestions? perhaps installing one? If you can get me through this you have solved the "turn a dollar laser into a burning laser" and made my wish come true. Thanks!

you can buy a laser diode at at 59 ruppes(1 dollar)

I think that might be a small resistor, in which case you could bypass it by covering it with solder. My only concern would be whether or not the amount of current this would allow would short out the laser diode.
If it is a resistor.
If it is a resistor.
batman90892 years ago
Step six is a confusing one.

The screw thing is a potentiometer. You can buy a lazer diode\head at just 1 dollar at

The screw thing is a potentiometer. You can buy a lazer diode\head at just 1 dollar at

The screw thing is a potentiometer. You can buy a lazer diode\head at just 1 dollar at

nbeitelm10 months ago
I understand the entire idea of such an instructable.
I've had miserable luck making a cheap laser that can burn stuff. I have even thought about just buying a straight up burning laser already made on eBay. Luckily it was about 60$ so I didn't get it. It seems like it's a good idea but I have taken apart pretty much any laser known to man. This so called screw you turn and make it increase the power of the laser, isn't necessarily the brightest idea imagined.(no pun intended) if you even find such a screw you will either:
A. Burn out the laser and have wasted your time or
B. Gotten somewhere but later burnt the laser out.
What you need is a higher voltage diode.
You need to add higher voltage on the lasers light to transmit it to an object. These are easy to find you can get one at RadioShack easy. Not sure but no offense probably doesn't work. So don't waste your time.
I want to see a video
Moorsey1221 year ago
After reading alot of the comments on this instructable discussing whether it can work at all, as well as the fact that the video doesn't work, has anyone made one of these which works?
lgarza31 year ago
nerd74731 year ago
the video doesn't exist
Can u just buy a laser and take it out and screw it to the right and put it back in to make the laser more with voltage
Electo4fun1 year ago
A better way of doing this would be to get your own laser diode and put it in a module and then into the watch. Most laser pointer diodes aren't made to put out >5mw and therefore will burn out. The screw you mention is not common with low power red pointers.
john henry2 years ago
reminds me of bond
james bond...
tesla man2 years ago
The laser you are talking about isn't anywhere near close enough to being able to burn things. sorry
neeull2 years ago
Was your second watch with the red laser able to burn a match? And was your 1st watch with the voltage regulator the same size as the second? Also, where and what type did you get the first laser?
vishalapr3 years ago
I like thiis ible, I'll try and make one for my own.
B00GYman3 years ago
ur a mug!!!!!!!!!! the laser dosent actually burn dose it?!?!?!
AirViper3 years ago do u solder the switch to the actual laser pointer, or to the diode?
DiyProjects (author)  AirViper3 years ago
The actual laser pointer, you take the old laser switch off and connect a slide switch where the old laser was
AirViper3 years ago
I got a laser at petsmart, but am havng trouble taking the diode out. Any tips?
mhertel3 years ago
I dont understand, a 5mw laser does not have enough power to start a fire! the laser would have to be 45 times more powerful!
voter2 mhertel3 years ago
iN CREASE THE output of voltage
mhertel3 years ago
I dont understand how this laser can burn. 5mw is not powerful enough to burn
voter2 mhertel3 years ago
when you increase the out put it is
AirViper3 years ago
Where did u get the laser? I have one, but am having trouble getting the diode out.

looks like a different laser.
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