Instructables Is Like Crack!





Introduction: Instructables Is Like Crack!

This Instructable will show how to Get away from the highly addictive Instructables web site and get back to work.

Warning: is a highly addictive website, and will drain countless hours from your otherwise productive day. It is best to use this website when you have nothing that you have to do for the next several hours, as it will suck you in.

Step 1: Close Browser Tab 1

This Instructable assumes that you are using a tabbed browser. Firefox is being used in these examples.

First: Notice that you have been sucked in by the highly addictive Instructables website.
Next: Begin to close the tabs you have open.

Step 2: Continue Closing Tabs

Keep on closing those tabs, Instructables has sucked enough of your life away...

Step 3: One More to Go

This is the final Instructable tab. Just click on that red X and you can get back to work.

Step 4: Free at Last

You did it! Now you can get back to that spreadsheet you should have been working on.

Step 5: Remember: Instructables = Crack

Don't Just Say No.

Just know when to say when.

Now get back to work!



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Now they have a app...

LMAO! yip tis indeed man, its been 2 days and i reckon rehab for geeks is on the cards lol!
see everyone there haha

haha!! cool

Maple CRM

 Interesting Start bar layout. unique

I always end up opening tabs untill my browser freezes

i usually have about 10 tabs of instructables open at anytime...

I used to think internet porn was addicting...Instructables is WAY more addicting.

instructables is indeed, like crack. my internet went out about a month ago, and i had to detox for about a week. it was horrible. first thing i did when i got it back was instructables, then my email, then myspace lol

I'll admit that I'm "addicted" to Instructables, but since I've already read all the old instructables, all I have to do is read the newer ones to keep up (and check the forum) which at the most takes 30-45 minutes. So once you've read all the instructables that have already been posted, all you have to do (unless you want to check back on certain ones) is read the newly posted ones and leave comments where you want (as I do here :P ). Sorry, no critcism from me, since it is a valid instructable (as ewilhelm has already mentioned) and may help those people out there that are too addicted and can't stop themselves from reading, rereading, posting, and commenting on instructables non-stop...

You've read all two thousand, three hundred and fourteen instructables?!? Oh yeah, Geek Crack. (Of course, I can quit any time I want... *twitch, twitch*)