This is a little cute 3D paper ROBOT from the Instructables LOGO.
It's easy to make.

Download the PDF file for the paper model to print.

Once you have printed it , glue the model on some cardboard and cut it.
You need a blunted object to score the flaps and the lines for an easy folding.

Once finished you'll have a 7 inches high paper model.



Step 1: Tools.

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • paper clip
  • ball point pen (for the scoring)

Step 2: Make the Wheels.

This is the most tricky part to build, I did them (the wheels) as simple as I could.
Just roll the fake treads, score the small flaps and glue them to the sides of the wheels.

Step 3: Customize It.

Finish adding the legs and arms to the body.

Customize your ROBOT with your imagination. I used a paper clip to make the antennas.
<p>I love yellow robot in Insructables/ And then the materials so easy to find. I want make it one.</p>
Sooo nice
He's cute! I'm glad you posted a pdf so I can make him too.

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