Instructables Robot, of Knex!


Introduction: Instructables Robot, of Knex!

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I have been a really annoyed at how low knexer rep has been, and have had enough guns for a
looooooong time. I want to not be held back, and am hoping that this will stop you knex haters from lowering our ratings, without even looking at what it is.

I decided that building The Robot from knex would be a great way to start, so here is my contribution towards the non-knex community, with a nice little spark of ingenuity.

Did I mention that this is a REAL robot, with programmable settings and voice settings? Well it is!

The voice chip I have decided works best is Gramps, from the cybots set.




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    You can... Zachnimie or whoever made an unofficial greasemonkey script.

    But they don't show up to other people, do they?

    Then why haven't I seen any?

    Lol... i have the set, that means.... he shouts 'MECTRON. STANDING. (ding dilla da ding, ding dilla da ding) *whrrrrrrrrr*

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    Hmmm. I don't know. Hard to understand...

    you know.., the noises the cyber knex sets make when ya turn them on...

    I meant I can't tell. To me it sounds like: meh, generation X.

    Cool, even cooler if the arms had some sort of interchangeable Knex weapon and fired with the remote control.

    Scale up and print out =SMART='s paper robot so you can put some clothes on your bare bot.

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    When I get my second cybots set I will!

    Shipped wrong, it's broken.. :(

    I have a plan, but that would be better. Only problem is that I don't have a huge printer, but I could get my uncle to do it.

    Look at GorillazMiko's ible on converting stuff to print out large size that is split up on several pages.

    But I need the shape to be PERFECT. I plan on just cutting out construction paper, as that will work on knex.