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The instructables robot contest has inspired me to make the instructables site robot; you will notice from the pictures our site robot is very busy in the kitchen, garden, craft room and shop! I have wanted an instructables robot prop to add interest to my instructables and for custom instructables robot patch stickers to send to members here on instructables.

He is fairly quick and easy to make. I used nuts and bolts for the arms and legs to make him not quite so cuddly. I had serious plans on making him a chefs hat but decided it would be too small for me to attempt. Perhaps I will make a plush instructables robot and make him a chefs hat in the near future. I hope the instructables robot likes this instructable. He is quite handsome and he makes a lot of members very happy!

Follow through and I will show you how to make the instructables site robot.

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies

Picture of Tools and Supplies
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This is what you will need:

Yellow cotton fabric scrap

Red felt dots for ear muff

Embroidery thread red, black, and brown or red, brown and black paint

Matching thread

2 u-bolts with nuts


Seam ripper optional

Embroidery hoop optional

Pen and paper for drawing the pattern

Small round plastic lid for robot base

Sewing needle, sewing machine optional


Step 2: Trace Robot

Picture of Trace Robot
instructables robot 082.JPG
instructables robot 083.JPG

Trace the robot onto the fabric.

Draw a robot slightly larger than the size you want (to allow for seams).

Cut a piece of yellow fabric quite a bit larger than the image if you will be embroidering the robot.

Trace the robot onto the fabric as shown.

Step 3: Embroider or Paint the Robot

Picture of Embroider or Paint the Robot
instructables robot 085.JPG
instructables robot 087.JPG

Embroider or paint the robot as shown.

Place the cloth in the hoop or paint to your liking.

Embroider the outlines as shown using the black, red, and brown thread.

ChrysN23 days ago

Your robot is supper cute, congratulations on the win!

sunshiine (author)  ChrysN20 days ago
Thanks so much ChrysN! I can't wait to see the robot necklace. Have a great weekend.

Congratulations for making to finals :) sunshiine :)

sunshiine (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya1 month ago
Thank you Taurn! I would love a necklace but there are so many good entries. Here is hoping. Have a beautiful day.

And your wish came true :), congratulations on first prize. :D

sunshiine (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya1 month ago

It did Tarun! I am a happy girl!


lindarose921 month ago

Congratulations on being a finalist sunshiine!! :)

sunshiine (author)  lindarose921 month ago
Thanks so much Linda, I hope to win a necklace!

Fingers crossed for you! :)

sunshiine (author)  lindarose921 month ago

Thanks so much Linda, I am rooting for you also!


bergerab1 month ago

Hahaha your photos of the robot holding a rake and eating are so funny! I love this!

sunshiine (author)  bergerab1 month ago

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I changed the first picture because of your comment. Have a cool summer.


This is SUPER CUTE!!!! Thanks sunshiine!!

sunshiine (author)  craftclarity1 month ago

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I hope your day is awesome.


lindarose921 month ago

Sooo cute Sunshiine!! And I love the photos where the robot is doing things :D

sunshiine (author)  lindarose921 month ago

Thanks Linda, I like him cooking and gardening. Have a great day.


shazni1 month ago

That is so adorable! love it :-)

sunshiine (author)  shazni1 month ago
Thanks so much for stopping by shazni, I appreciate your comment. Have a nice evening.

Super cute... I loved the versatile hands...just like you :).

sunshiine (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya1 month ago

You are so sweet Tarun! Hope your day shines.


mclare501 month ago
So so cute!! Your pictures are great!
sunshiine (author)  mclare501 month ago
Thanks mclare50 for stopping by and dohave a great day.
Abigail021 month ago
Love the arms and legs! Too cute!! :)
sunshiine (author)  Abigail021 month ago
Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I liked them also. Have a super day.
Bhawya1 month ago

This is Awesome.. Very Nice :)

sunshiine (author)  Bhawya1 month ago
Thanks for stopping by and commenting Bhawya, I appreciate your support. Have a great weekend.
spunk1 month ago

This is fabulous!

You took great pictures, the robot really seems to come alive!

You could even make a little photo-comic-story with the robot: "The adventurous life of the little yellow robot" - there's a speech balloon option in the pixlr editor... :)

I also like the fact you involved your husband in the process- great teamwork!

sunshiine (author)  spunk1 month ago
Thanks, Yeah I thought of writing a short story but my brain could not think of anything creative. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I hope your day shines.
nodcah1 month ago

It looks awesome! And super cute!

sunshiine (author)  nodcah1 month ago
Thanks nodcah for stopping by and commenting. Have a great weekend!

Looks so elegant Sunshiine :)

sunshiine (author)  Passion Make1 month ago
Thanks for the compliment! He was so fun to make. Hope you have a great weekend.
jsrubianoch1 month ago

Nice Instructable, the use of nuts and bolts was a really good idea, keep it up!

sunshiine (author)  jsrubianoch1 month ago
Thanks so much for the comment. I tried regular bolts but had difficulty trying to attach the arms to look right. I asked my husband if they make small elbow bolts and this is what he found in the shop. It worked perfectly. Have a great day!
EmiClarice1 month ago
Adorable!! I love the salad picture!
sunshiine (author)  EmiClarice1 month ago
That was one of my faves also. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! Have a beautiful day.