Here is the Instruction for Rubber Gun, Sword and sensors to Apollo (AIF-44-0)

Step 1: Assembling Rubber Gun Step1

Step 2: Assembling Rubber Gun Step2

Step 3: Assembling Rubber Gun Step3

Step 4: Assembling Rubber Gun Step4

Step 5: Assembling Rubber Gun Step5

Step 6: Assembling Rubber Gun Step6

Step 7: Assembling Sensors to Apollo Step1

Step 8: Assembling Sensors to Apollo Step2

Step 9: Assembling Sensors to Apollo Step3

Back view of Apollo

Step 10: Assembling Sensors to Apollo Step4

Front view of Apollo

Step 11: Assembling Sword Step1

Step 12: Assembling Sword Step

<p>hola amigo esta interesante, me gustria tener los planos del robot :D saludos.</p>
<p>Looks very interesting, I can't wait to see what your model looks like finished!</p>
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