Instructions on how to make charcloth for firemaking using flint+steel or firestick.

Picture of Instructions on how to make charcloth for firemaking using flint+steel or firestick.
If you have no matches or lighter you may need to create fire the old fashioned way
The sparks from your FLINT + STEEL need something to catch on to become an ember .
This ember is usually clean cotton cloth charred without oxygen like charcoal to become charcloth.
The clean burned out tin is pierced with a small hole and around 20 pieces of cotton loosely packed inside.
The lid is fitted and tin loaded onto low embers of fire for as long as smoke comes out of the hole (5-15 mins approx)
Pointed stick is inserted into hole as tin is removed from embers to stop air entering tin.
It will be hot, careful not to touch with fingers or hands use gloves and or tongs.
When cool, charcloth is removed and kept in airtight/watertight container for storage.
When struck by sparks or heated by compressed air in firestick, charcloth will smoulder until placed in a ball of tinder (fluffed up jute string is good) and blown upwards on to ignite tinderinto a little ball of flame.
Don`t blow downards as the tinder will burn you when it ignites.

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Step 1: Cooling and blocking hole in tin.

Picture of Cooling and blocking hole in tin.
Resist the temptation to peek inside untill tin cool or all will be lost.

Step 2: End product, cloth still in sheets and not powdered ash.

Picture of End product, cloth still in sheets and not powdered ash.
This is cool tin with the top off and charcloth inside ready for storing in airtight container.

Step 3: Firestick and tinder ready for glowing ember.

Picture of Firestick and tinder ready for glowing ember.
The firesick works by compressing air so much that the charcloth in the recess at the end of the plunger starts to glow.
foo232205 years ago
Socks work well for char cloth. Even though they often have some other trace materials in them. They are thick, cheap, and everyone has a pair with a hole in them.
bears0 foo232204 years ago
i dont haha i throw my socks with holes away
garethllewelyn (author)  bears04 years ago
HoDe Ho...Get some more at the thrift store...!
spylock5 years ago
Has anyone tried dryer lint?
Dryer lint works too
garethllewelyn (author)  spylock5 years ago
No I havn` long as the lint is not from synthetic material it might be good but it will still need the low oxygen charring to work as tinder, best use old cotton t shirt.
Yea,I use my used gunpatches,they work really well,but youre right I forgot about the synthetic stuff in most lint.
can you use jeans? I have a old pair that can't be givin to good will. so I was wondering if I can put them to good use
garethllewelyn (author)  Hunter40006955 years ago
Yep, clean jeans will do, Hogg
jeans work the best!
where did you get uor fire piston? its really cool looking!!!
garethllewelyn (author)  fallenspirit1236 years ago
Try Ebay or google fire piston for links to venders...G Hope you don`t mind me saying that uor is spelled "your"...regards, G
sorry about that typo and thanks!
I like your fore piston/ fire piston, they look cool
oops567 years ago
I use 3/4 kerosene wick cut in squares. for mine a lot stronger
frogman54527 years ago
Great instructions. We have been making a slightly different "Char Cloth" by soaking coffee filters in a Potassium Nitrate solution and then drying them. They catch a spark very well and flame almost instantly.
gamer7 years ago
whats a firestick? nice idea, by the way.
garethllewelyn (author)  gamer7 years ago
Google this and see that you can make one or buy one It`s a plunger with charcloth on the end that ignites under pressure. Think bike pump getting hot or a compression ignition engine that you can operate by hand. (diesel engine) Will help some more if needed...G
i used to be abel to make it really really well but then i sorta lost the knack of it