In this Instructable I will give you some short details on how I insulated the headboard of my bed.

The instructions are pretty simple, I bet by viewing the pictures most of you will get it.

NOW THE STORY! (I always have a story)

As many of you know economic times have gotten tougher. Being part of the lower end of the 99% I have had to make definate cuts in my expenses as have a lot of you. I found that affording an apartment that was comfortable and warm was not as much an option as it once was.

I have a sleeping bag that is poly filled, I think its about 30 years old now but clean and in good shape. As you can imagine I dont camp much :)
Instead of leaving it rolled up in the bottom of my linen closet I decided to stay warmer in the bedroom. My headboard faces a north outside wall on the third floor here in Denver Colorado. It can get a bit chilly here at times. the outside wall being brick exterior gets very cold when its cold and very hot when its hot. It absorbs a large amount of whats around it.

I was awaking feeling cool/cold near my head and thought gee if I put the sleeping bag over the back of the head board it might help.

Step 1: Select an Insulation of Choice.

I decided to use the sleeping bag since it was handy. You could use a blanket/comforter or what ever suits you.

I draped the sleeping bag over the back of the headboard and took it to about 1 inch off of the floor.

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