Insulate the Back of Your Solar Panel!





Introduction: Insulate the Back of Your Solar Panel!

Just got a goal zero solar panel. It's pretty cool. But. The instructions say not to charge devices when they're in the handy back pocket cuz they'll get super hot. :( This should work for any solar panel that has a pocket in the back to charge devices.

Step 1: You're Not Supposed to Charge Stuff When It's in the Pocket

Well. The back pocket is handy. And I wanna put stuff in there and not have my phone or battery pack overheat. This is my solution

Step 2: Get Some Magic Sunshade Stuff

I had mine leftover from another project
All you need for this project:
Sunshade material
Double bubble stick tape

Step 3: Cut It Out

Into the shape you need that will just snugly fit in the pocket. This takes some trial and error

Step 4: Test Fit

See where I had to cut out a bit for the charge port? Yeah.

Step 5: Put Strips of Double Stick On

This might be unnessicary um... unnecessary (hate that word) but you get the picture.

Step 6: Done!

And isn't that carpet fabulous?!

Now you still shouldn't charge items in the back pocket but if you accidentally did they, in theory would be a lot cooler. Yah.



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    I don't understand what you did here. Solar panels need to stay cool in order to be more efficient and last longer :)


    Hi Yonatan24, you're right, in this case the panel back is already covered in fabric which insulates the panel, the purpose of this hack was to protect accessories, (iphones and battery packs) from the heat while they are charging. exploding batteries = bad. The efficiency reduction will probably be minor. Have any ideas how I could keep the panel itself cooler? Thanks!

    Oh... That makes sense!

    I don't know... Maybe glue some sheet metal onto the back? That might help a bit...