Hey folks,  This 'ible for the SEW WARM contest can help others (yes, you can help kids learn!).  I work with Newton North High School Greengineers,  greengineers.wikispaces.com/, steering the algae to biofuel project.  One of their other fabulous projects is recycling plastic bags into reusable totes.  The sewing machine that is the grand prize for SEW WARM, will be used for this project.  So please vote, for the kids.

 This instructable will show you how to make insulated work pants.  I used a wrecked pair of carhartts and a wrecked pair of sweats.  You are welcome to use new pairs of either, but if you've followed any of my 'ibles, I repurpose lots of old pants and shirts, (apparently, 1 carpenter + 1 biologist = LOTS of torn clothes, who knew)  Also, feel free to use any work pants, sweats, fleece, flannel, whatever.

The only tips on pant selection is that the liners should be a bit loose, (not spandex, etc.)
The outside pants should fit you slightly larger than normal (ex. I used a pair of my husbands old work pants which are a full size bigger than I would normally wear, and my old sweats which fit me normally)

Step 1: Bill of Materials

 -work pants (heavy canvas, denim, whatever)-1 size too big
-warm & fuzzy pants
-sewing machine
-scissors/rotary cutter
<p>Thanks! You saved me time. I made for my niece and just used fleece pajama pants and jeans. Until I read you post I thought I would have to buy fabric and make a liner. So much easier. Thanks!!</p>
What a great idea!&nbsp; Thanks for sharing this with us.<br />
&nbsp;Thanks so much. Have fun making! &nbsp;Please remember to vote!
Ive used sweats instead of the usual thermal underware for years, mainly because thermals tend to shrink very quickly but I also think the quality sweats are actually warmer. I never thought about attaching the sweats to the pants though. Nicely done !
&nbsp;Thanks so much! yes, I spent my entire time in college wearing my sweats under my pants without thinking to attach them. &nbsp;Then I&nbsp;snagged&nbsp;a pair of my husbands &quot;real&quot; insulated work pants and it was SO GOOD! &nbsp;He stole them back so I had to make my own. It's so easy I can't believe I never thought of it before!
Great 'ible! I have a two pairs of these I bought a while back and I love them! I'll have to try making these.
Thanks for reading! Some of my favorite pants! &nbsp;It's like you're wearing pajamas all day!

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