Insult Your Neighbors This Christmas With Arduino





Introduction: Insult Your Neighbors This Christmas With Arduino

Last December I was kind of pissed of at my neightbors so I wired my Chistmas lights to blink an insulting phrase in Morse Code . I was sure nobody would notice but doing it made me happy nevertheless.

Yesterday I posted about it in (link ) and so much people approved that I had to show how I did it. Electronics and Arduino people will know the circuit is very simple. As always, take care to not zap, fry or shock anything.

Step 1: Choose the Lights Type and Adequate Circuit

I live in an apartment so these LED strips were enough to decorate a window. The LED strip is 12V, so I used a TIP 120 (or 122). There's no need to describe my circuit because there's already an Instructable for that:

Instructable: Use Arduino with TIP120 transistor to control motors and high power devices

NOTE: If you use incandescent lightbulbs, know that's more Volts, more Watts, more Amperes and this circuit won't work. In this case do research on circuits that use a a relay or TRIAC or SCR. I repeat the warning: don't fry, shock or kill yourself.

Step 2: Program Your Arduino With Insults

Here's the code I used. Feel free to use, modify and distribute, I don't care.

Step 3: Final Thoughts

I can't think of anything right now, but I'm sure someone will make a comment somewhere. Or maybe not. Merry Chistmas, you $&}#z*p%*s!



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nice! :) if you want to switch more than one strip you might want to look at a Darlington array ic like an ULN2003

Very clever and subtle!