Integrate Ardublock With Arduino IDE





Introduction: Integrate Ardublock With Arduino IDE

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Programming with C is not always the easy job for all those non-programmer Arduino enthusiasts but now for their ease the ‘ArduBlock’ a graphical, block-based programming language is available.
We have already seen a number of graphical, block-based programming languages in our time such as Scratch, OpenBlocks but what keep’s it apart from other’s is that it uses the Arduino IDE alone for its functionality and gets well integrated to it, so everything possible in C with an Arduino should be possible with ArduBlock.

Step 1: Install Arduino IDE

Download any version of Arduino IDE (here i'm using ver1.0.5) and install it on computer (executable arduino installer is available,so you no need to unzip and copying files)

You can find a desktop shortcut as "Arduino"

Step 2: Download Ardublock

Use this link to download  ardublock-all.jar

Rename ardublock-all-20130607.jar to ardublock-all.jar and copy this file.

Step 3: Integrate

1.Now open "My documents" and create new folder as "Arduino".
2.Open "Arduino" folder and create new folder as "tools".
3.Open "tools"  folder and create new folder as "ArduBlockTool".
4. Open "ArduBlockTool" folder and create new folder as "tool".
5.Open "tool" and paste "ardublock-all.jar" here.

Step 4: Change Sketchbook Location

Now open Arduino IDE and press ctrl+,(comma) then a prereferences window will open here you will find Sketchbook location and change sketchbook location to E:\Documents\Arduino\tools\ArduBlockTool\tool\ardublock-all.jar then press "OK".

Note: Location is deponds upon where you have ardublock-all.jar

Step 5: Restart Arduino IDE and Done

Now you can find Ardublock under tool menu Tool>Ardublock  and click it.

Step 6: Start Programming in GUI




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    big thx.bro

    I have versions 1.8.5 and ardublock-beta-20140702.jar. When I change the location of the sketch, ardublock does not appear in the tools

    Hello, I did al but I get in arduino IDE a error:

    Arduino: 1.6.7 (Windows 10), Board:"Arduino/Genuino Uno"

    D:\Documents\Arduino\sketch_jan28a\sketch_jan28a.ino:1:23: fatal error: TinkerKit.h: No such file or directory

    #include <TinkerKit.h>


    compilation terminated.

    exit status 1

    at compile time error .

    This report would have more information

    " During the compilation show verbose output "

    enabled in File> Preferences.

    can you help?

    need help integrating ardublock

    1.Go to and download

    2.Unzip the Arduino folder from anywhere in your PC.

    3.Mow go to "My Documents" in your PC.

    4.You will find a folder called Arduino and delete that folder.

    5.Now copy the Arduino folder (not you have downloaded to "My Documents" of your PC.

    6.Now open your Arduino software.

    You will definitely find Ardublock


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