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Introduction: Final Instalation and Finished Product

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Once everything is wired up and ready to go, it's time to install them in your bag. I used my favorite Converse messenger-bag which I have been using now for about a year and love it.
First, make and incision in the outside-flap's lining and slide both of the speakers inside. If you want to be an overachiever, you can sew in a zipper or Velcro on the inside to close up the hole like I did
Make two overlapping flaps and sew them on either side of the slit to close up the incision for the speakers. Sew Velcro on either side of the flaps.
Cut a hole in the top part of the zipper and another in the outside pocket. To get the wires one hole to the other hole without make any holes in the lining, insert a straw in one hole and out the other. Then run a thick string, like shoelace string, to the other side and remove the straw. Tie the 3.5 mm audio jack to one end of the string and pull it through to the other side.

Now you have the mp3 connector inside the pocket and you are done! Enjoy your music and be proud that your speakers are hidden, completely discrete, while still crystal clear room-filling sound.

However, if you have a Jansport, it is easy to slip the speakers in the outside pocket, or secure them at the bottom of the bag and run the mp3 jack to the smaller outside pocket.
Another option is to install the speakers in a three ring binder. Just put the speakers inside and use cardboard or tape or some combination of the two to seal the edges. Make sure to make hole for the sound vibrations to get through.



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    Connecting batteries directly to the speaker can push the cone and damage your speakers, and can damage your audio source as you are probably pumping power into that as well! Try building 2 LM386 amps for each speaker and then it will go louder and not damage anything! Good idea of putting it in a school bag though, its quite a unique idea! :)

    is it okay if my speaker is 15 watts

    Thank you for this, loved the instructable. However I do have a question. I already made one without an amplifier but I want one with an amp. The amp takes 2 AAAs but there are only 2 wires, one red, one black, on the same side of the amp so one goes into the negative and one the positive. How would I wire this with the lack of a place to put the output?

    That is odd. It sounds like for your input you may have to, unfortuantly, combine the two channels. as for out put it sounds like the wire may be stuck inside the amp or possibly the leads are within and do not have wires soldered on. I can't be entirely certain without seeing the amp.
    I'm not much one for electronics as of late. I have been cooking more, but i still know my way around more or less.

    Here's a picture of the back of the amp


    hmmm, I Don't recognize this configuration, where did you pull this off of? I Don't see where your out put is, or even just a connection for a speaker(same thing i guess). Could you try opening it up and showing me a picture of the inside?
    I'm sorry I couldn't be of more assistance to you :(

    I got it from a door alarm toy thing I had as a kid. Here's the inside.


    I'm sorry but from what I can see this does no amplifying. This seems to just be a battery pack. Amps are pretty easy to build, given you have a little experience, but they are even easier to hack an old one you have lying around. You could try the traditional computer speaker or grab one for your self at the local electronics store. Hell, sometimes you find some cheap little do-dad at target half price that will fit your needs.