Have you ever wondered that the old fashion "ding dong" sound in your doorbell is boring?

I have an solution for you!

Customized doorbell that will play the sound on your choice!

The tune is played in an old fashion Ring Tone Text Transfer Language (RTTTL).

If the RTTTL doesn't ring a bell... It is the good old monotonic ringtones. That's right. You can even play your own compositions in your doorbell.

You will need a library to the project called pitches.h.

The library can be found here.

Remember to watch the video for sound examples!!!

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(For mobile users press HERE to watch the video)

Step 1: The RTTTL

Ring Tone Text Transfer Language (RTTTL) was developed by Nokia and it is divided to 3 parts.


Part 1: name of the ringtone a string of characters represents the name of the ringtone. Like in this the name is "tetris"

Part 2: settings, where "d=" is the default duration of a note.

"o=" is the default octave. And "b=" is the tempo, in "beats per minute".

Part 3: the notes. Each note is separated by a comma and includes, in sequence: a duration specifier and a standard music note.

<p>this is one awesome instructable and brings back some great childhood memories. i'm definately saving this one for later so when we move i can make it. totally gonna go with super mario.</p>
<p>Hauska idea! :)</p><p>Itse lis&auml;sin tuohon sinun koodiisi viel&auml; muutaman rivin, jotta se soittaa randomina aina eri soitto&auml;&auml;nt&auml;... Tosin se saattaa usein arpoa samoja soitto&auml;&auml;ni&auml; per&auml;kk&auml;in.</p><p>Sen voisi my&ouml;s koodata soittamaan niit&auml; soitto&auml;&auml;ni&auml; j&auml;rjestyksess&auml;. :)</p>
<p>Joo kyll&auml;h&auml;n tuo olisi helposti toteutettavissa randomin kutsumisella :) hyv&auml; ajatus!</p><p>Tietenkin tuohon voisi laittaa kans toisen napin jota painamalla kappale vaikka vaihtuu aina seuraavaan ja antaa &quot;&auml;&auml;nin&auml;ytteen&quot; kappaleesta joka on nyt soittovuorossa.</p><p>Kiitoksia kommentista.</p>
<p>I think I will forget there is someone at my door and just listen to the songs. Good job!</p>
<p>Thanks :D There is a big possibility that the song is too catchy :D</p>
<p>very clever, well done on this Instructable! </p>
<p>Thanks for comment! :)</p>

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