Introduction: Intel Edison Motion Sensor Water Pump

Learn to build an automated water pump system through the use of a motion sensor and a water pump.

Materials required:

  1. 1x 6v Mini Water Pump
  2. 2x Grove IR Distance Interruptor
  3. 1x Grove Relay (30a)
  4. 1x Grove Water Sensor
  5. 1x Intel edison board
  6. 1x Breakout board
  7. 1x 6v Power Supply Arduino IDE

Step 1: Build/Configure the Water Pump

Materials required for this step:

  1. 1x 6v Mini Water pump
  2. 1x 6v Power Supply
  3. 1x Grove Relay (30a)

Create a relay circuit using the mini water pump, the power supply and the relay. For this example we are using 4 1.5V batteries connected in series.

To do this we attach one end of the mini water pump to on end of the relay. We will attach the -+’ve side of the water pump to the COM port of the relay. The NO (normally open) side of the relay will be connected to the positive side of the power supply. The negative side of the batter will be connected to the positive side of the water pump (indicated by a red dot).

Next build a pump contraption using your flexible tubing. In our project we transferred water from one cup to another, however the water transfer concept can be made for anything.

Attach the relay to a digital port on the intel edison breakout board. In this example we attached it to the D2 port.

Step 2: Builld/Configure the Water Sensor

Materials required for this step:

  1. 1x Grove Water Sensor

Attach the grove water sensor to a digital port on your edison breakout board. For our example we attached it to the D6 port.

We then attached the water sensor to the top of the cup so that we can sense when the cup is full. Once the cup is full we never want the water to pump again.

Step 3: Build/Configure the Motion Sensor

Materials required for this step:

  1. 2x Grove IR Distance Interrupter

Attach the sensors to digital ports on the breakout board (we attached them to pins 2,6). Encase the sensors in a cardboard box (used to hold the sensors in place). Program the sensors.with time delays to account for right-to-left movements and left-to-right movements. The following should be noted: the low setting indicates that something is in front of the sensor and that the delay function should be less than 51.

Step 4: Assemble the Different Parts and Test

Attach everything to the Intel Edison Board and connect the Edison to a computer. You can program the arduino to your preference. We have already made a script that uses a motion sensor to tell when to start pumping. The pump automatically stops when the cup is full.

To control the motion sensor you swipe your hand to the left and right. A swipe to the right turns the pump on while a swipe to the left turns the pump off.

The code for this posted below.


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