Step 6: Web Service

Picture of Web Service
The web service I wrote for my table is able to be used by others as well so I will not go too much into code, it is a basic RSS feed reader using minidom in Python which runs on the Google App Engine.

The service can run taking between zero to three parameters, if a parameter is not supplied then the default value will be used, the parameters are as follows:
-- url - this is the URL of the RSS feed which will be displayed on the 20x4 LCD, the title of the RSS feed will be shown, so feeds that have short and concise titles work better, the default value is the main RSS feed for my Twitter feed.
-- loc - this is the location that is used to retrieve the weather forecast, this can be in any format that can be used with the Google weather API, the default location is London, UK.
-- lastfm - this is the Last.fm profile that is used to retrieve the current song being played, by default the service will not try to return values for the song being played unless a profile name is specified.

The address for my web service is technoducky1.appspot.com.