Step 3: Securing the Holds to the Wall

To secure the holds onto the wall you will want to become familiar on how to mount T-nuts onto the wall, this video from Three Ball Climbing explains the correct way to do so. Once the T-nuts are in, drill a second 7/16" hole near every T-nut so that it lines up with the hollow part of each hold, this will be the placement for your LEDs. Fedd the LEDs into each whole in order. Once al the LEDs are in, you just need to screw the holds in using the 3/8"-16 screws, a washer and the allen wrench. Tighten as much as possible by hand, as you want to avoid having the holds spin.

<p>very cool</p>
<p>This looks awesome! I'd love to put one of these in the kids' room or the garage!</p>

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