Due to popular demand, I have created a new and improved version of my original Interactive LED Beer Pong Table!

These tables are one-of-a-kind projects that are quite rewarding to create! The original table won the grand prize in the FSL Contest here on Instructables, it won a second place prize in the Radioshack Sensors Contest and it's appeared on Discovery Channel's Daily Planet show. On top of that, it's been featured on numerous websites and has over 200000 views on Instructables.

Since I posted the write-up for the first table, I have had many requests to create a new version which would be able to withstand shipping, or at the very least, offer a kit so that other users could build their own table. This write-up is for the new version of the beer pong table and contains all of the steps to assemble your own, whether you do it completely from scratch or with a kit from my website, Chexal Technologies.

So strap in and lets get to making the coolest beer pong table that the world has ever seen!

CBC did a short segment of this beer pong table and it's garnered 29Million+ views on Facebook.
Check out the video here: https://www.facebook.com/cbcnews/videos/101532663...

Step 1: Intro: Gallery & Downloadable Files

The nice thing about building one of these tables from a kit is that the more difficult parts of the project have been completed (Electronic Design, PCBs made, etc.) but more importantly, you can fully customize the table to your liking. The photos that I posted above are of the version that I created, but you can completely change the layout of your table. Add more LEDs to the unused PWM channels, maybe you'll switch out the LED rings for small LED signs/logos, completely omit the LED grid and just add LED strips, etc etc. There are a lot of extra PWM channels that aren't aren't in use on the master PCB and can be put to use!

If you do plan to swap out certain LED modules (like the LED rings), you must take care not to exceed the maximum ratings of the transistors that are driving those devices. This is all listed in detail later in the Instructable. For now, just take a moment to come up with a new layout for the wickedest beer pong table this world has ever seen. Once you're done that, continue through the Instructable and assemble it!

The source code, CAD files, schematics and bill of materials are all included in the downloadable zip file in this step.

As a backer for this project I just want everyone to know I have communicated with the maker and he has just now finished building the fully assembled tables that were ordered. ‚ÄčOnce he finished I finally got some replacement parts I needed. for those looking to buy on the website I'm sure now that he has finished with this monster project he undertook he will now be able to order some more kits to sell.
<p>We are almost done<br>building the table, but we have a few problems. And we hope someone could help<br>us with this.</p><ul><br><li>1.<strong>The remote broke</strong>, we have fixed it by making a remote with an Arduino and controlling it<br>with a smartphone. The smartphone communicates with the Arduino by Bluetooth.<br>And the Arduino uses an IR LED to send out the codes the Remote used to send.<li>2.<strong>The sensors from the pods and the sensors from the ball washers aren&rsquo;t<br>working correctly.</strong><br>Sometimes one sensor reacts for four sensors, and the rest of the sensors don&rsquo;t<br>react at all.<li>Has someone else had problems with the sensors? We would like to finish<br>the table so that we can use all functions on the table and not only the led grid<br>and the led rings. </ul>
<p>Is there sommebody ont that site. It is impossible to register: pw allays refused.</p><p> I am interested in your complete assembled kit. If your out of business: please close your site,.</p><p>regards.</p>
Everything out of stock, what bs. Sent 3 emails with no reply more bs.
<p>I also have emailed 3 times. Have you gotten a reply yet? Trying to build this table before the summer ends.</p>
Buy mine. I even added a sound system and wall plugs to it.
How much
I am almost done building my table but I was under the impression that a VU meter came with the fully assembled kit. This is the main feature I was looking farward to and your website says it is out of stock. How can I get my hands on one?
<p>Are you still selling the kits? I noticed that all of your products are out of stock. If you are no longer selling the kits, would you make the pcb cad files available so I can create the pcb's?</p>
<p>me gustar&iacute;a saber donde puedo comprar su producto y como puedo hacer para que me lo puedan mandar a M&eacute;xico, espero que me puedan responder mis dudas y poder obtener su producto.</p>
<p>I was wondering if you buy the assembly kit does it include the table you have to put it in/on?</p>
<p>No, you have to build it.</p>
thank you
<p>Not a very hard project. The LED Grid is tedious to say the least. I opted for using copper tape works perfect no real problems.</p>
<p>I purchased the assembled kit. This is fairly easy to get up and going, basic carpenter skills and being able to solder and follow instructions are a must. just break it down into steps and it goes good!! altho I did run out of the wire for the led grid, I substituted a bit of a heaver wire for now, I ordered some 28 epoxy coated wire so if the wire i used gives me trouble i'll change it out.</p>
<p>If you are building from the unassembled kit, what PIC programmer do you need to get the initial bootloader programmed into the microcontroller. Will any of these work? </p><p>- PICkit 2<br>- PICkit 3<br>- K150 Pic Programmer</p>
Is there not an actual schematic for the pcbs? I have found the diagrams but no actual schematics.
<p>What are the dimensions of the STL file: metric or imperial?</p>
<p>Hi Regax,</p><p>I was building my beer pong table before seeing yours.</p><p>First of all : WOW !!</p><p>Second thing, I am blocked for a while searching for a sensor that detects the plastic glass through my plexiglass protection. Could you tell me which sensor did you use ? My glasses are transparent, to make the light go through the beer, would it also work ?</p><p>Thanks in advance for your answer,</p><p>Thibault</p>
Is there a way to buy one of these from you?
how do i learn fast programming? i know nothing of programming how can i learn fast fast ? i will be gratefull with ur reply , can u help me ? i gonna make this for the school project !! :)
<p>if we decide to make our own PCBs how much copper board do we need to make all the PCBs?</p>
<p>Will it will be possible to buy signle RGB Pod PCBs ?</p>
<p>really cool design man, I was reading your comment from 2 months back and you said &quot;You won't be able to create an RGB full color grid with the current setup&quot;. I am wondering if you have updated the design of the pcb's to allow for this. It would be great if there was software to create your own colored animation and a forum to post it so other people can share. I feel like I should wait until these features are implemented before I purchase a kit so I sure hope you do. Cheers,</p><p>Chris</p>
<p>Hi Chris,</p><p>I have added a connector on the PCB that may allow for full color RGB control. I have a lot more testing to do in order to see if it will work as needed. </p><p>There are a couple ways that I could allow an upgrade for an RGB grid. I have only tried one method so far and I do have a working prototype with WS2812B LED strips right now, I just have to ensure that it is durable enough with the driver that I am using.</p>
<p>There is no file &quot;Bootloader.mcw&quot; in the current ZIP File.</p>
<p>It has all been updated to work correctly with the instructions. Let me know if you have any issues! Cheers</p>
<p>I will fix this tonight. I have the wrong instructions in that step as you only need to use the bootloader hex file and load that into the chip. Just at work right now.</p>
I noticed you were out of stock on a couple of items. please restock.
<p>I will be adding more stock as soon as all of the Kickstarter orders have been fulfilled and shipped.</p>
Hi, are you able to ship internationally? I live in Dubai and am a big fan of beer pong. Thanks
<p>Hi Luke,</p><p>I am looking into shipping tables internationally. I have stress-tested the tables for durability and shipping shouldn't be an issue. Duties and brokerage fees would have to be covered by you though. Let me know what you think.</p><p>Cheers,</p><p>Jeff</p>
I'm looking forward to making this but using the size of the original table. Plus I'm thinking bout tossing in some leds on the sides. Also I was wondering instead of blue leds for the grid could I use any color I wanted?
<p>First off, sorry for the late reply. As for the LEDs, you should be able to use any single LED color without any problems. You won't be able to create an RGB full color grid with the current setup of the LED grid though as it was only designed for single color LEDs. </p><p>I am currently working on an RGB grid that is controlled completely different from the single color grid but it is still in early development. I haven't had much time to work on development as I have been busy fulfilling orders and ordering stock but it does look promising.</p><p>As for creating the table so that it looks exactly like the very first prototype, that is very easy to do. Note that the electronics are quite different between the two tables, so use the instructions for anything electronic from this Instructable and then use the old Instructable just for the construction and layout of the table.</p>
Just out of curiosity have you tried using the multicolored LEDs for the grid? Also when applying this to the original size table is there anything specific I need to consider. My plan is to buy all the components and stuff so it's 100% from scratch. I was looking at using the multi colored leds for the grid instead of just blue. Any tips or advice would be helpful
<p>Hey! Do you have any idea when the assembled kit for this super cool DIY project will be in stock again? Cheers!</p>
<p>They are available at Kickstarter at the moment if you are interested <a href="https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/895719238/interactive-led-beer-pong-table-kit-bpt-x5." rel="nofollow"> https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/895719238/in...</a></p><p>The LED grid doesn't come pre-assembled wit that kit though, as it has to be built into the table. Everything else is ready to go though! Check out step #3 for more info on the kit.</p>
I saw your kits on kickstarter.com but the ready to party kits that you sell for $1800 are sold out. When will they be available? Would you be able to tell me the shipping cost for a fully assembled kit? Is this the entire table fully assembled or just the components for the table? <br>
<p>There are two different $1800 rewards but they are both same thing except for the shipping dates. The first 6 will ship out in August, while the other reward will ship out in September. They are both fully built tables though and the exact same product.</p><p>As for the kits, they range from $85USD to $400USD and are all available (except for the early bird deals which are sold out).</p>
I've been looking at the 80some dollar kit and the 250$ one. Would you be able to tell me what the big difference is? Also, if I were to get one of the kits how long would/should it take me to put it all together?<br>Really impressive btw! Coolest table I have ever seen by far!
<p>The $85 kit only contains the PCBs, an infrared remote and the motor mounts/sensor brackets. You have to purchase all of the parts located in the BOM (Step #1) and order them yourself. Once you receive them, you have to solder them onto the PCBs and build your table.</p><p>The $250 one includes everything that the PCB Only Kit does, as well as all of the electronic components for the PCBs. This saves you from having to order the parts separately. You then just have to assemble the PCBs with the included components and then build your table.</p><p>The $400 Fully Assembled Kit includes all of the electronics fully assembled and operational, except for the LED grid as that has to be built into the table. For this, you just build the table and install the kit on it. Other than the LED grid, you don't have to worry about any electronic assembly.</p><p>I am taking photos of each kit and will be updating the Instructable with a step dedicated to explaining each kit. Thanks for the interest and I'm glad that you like the project!</p>
First of all I think this is amazing! Easily the coolest thing I've ever seen! I kinda looked at the different kits but I'm a little confused. Like what would be the end result for the 80 some dollar kit compared to the 250$ one? How long would it take me to setup or should take me. And how much would extra costs be?<br>Any kind of answer would be greatly appreciated! Great job btw!!
<p>Wow I would love to know what you searched or any places in particular that I could learn how all of this works! I would love to make this a hobby of mine! This would be something I would love to learn.</p><p>I am a carpenter and think this could give me some great ideas!</p>
<p>Well, I really have to give a lot of props to the Instructable community. I have learned a TON of what I know just from the community here and the unreal DIY write-ups.</p><p>Along with that, Google is your friend ;) The web is filled with cool open-source projects which allow you to expand your skill-set. For myself, the first thing that I started was learning the C-Programming language and writing little console programs. I then moved over to microcontrollers and hardware from there. A great site for learning basic electronics is here http://electronicsclub.info/. Learned a lot from them too!</p>
<p>Thanks a lot, at least now I know what to search for :) Also gonna install Linux on my laptop (recommended when learning C) so why not try it out on my secondary computer :)</p>
<p>Have you ever thought about building one that can fold in half? Also how much did you spend on the parts you didn't list on the bill of materials? Where did you order the 500 feet of cat5e?</p>
<p>The original table required that much CAT5 cable, this new version doesn't. The BOM and all of the necessary files are included in step #1 in the zip file.</p>
How much does one run and how are you looking on sponsors
<p>Kits range from $85USD to $400USD, depending on the kit. As for sponsors, I don't have any! Before any of that, I am focusing on the Kickstarter campaign :)</p>
About how much does a full kit run??

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