Step 11: Enjoy

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Excluding the projector, the total material cost is on the order of $100-200 depending on what you already have lying around. Construction time was around 15 hours, mostly soldering and sanding. There is a very active DIY/academic community which has started exploring this space; lots of reward and interesting things to be done for little work with very simple materials

nui group
multitouch blog

sunnycanuck2 years ago
so it is now a few years later, do you still use this system? Any changes?
would a set up like this work?
yes but you need a short-range projector. . which are more expensive.
what if i made a serese of magnifying glasses to shorten the projection?
My thought was using some form of modified LCD/OHP setup... that way, you run most of it gutting an old laptop, and just using the lenses to project the screen directly...

I'd love to see this as a modified gaming table
I was thinking as a workshop table, but using the gutted laptop is a good idea and then creating a custom interface or something, that would be epic!!!!
technoguy945 years ago
That is EPIC. I have gotta build one.
There is a free online code library for the wiimote, and it reads four IR points automatically. Do you think it would be practical?
The code library is what I was talking about when I said it read four IR points automatically, just to make that clear.
zeeebus5 years ago
Could you theoretically put the projector beneath the table?
muhahaha6 years ago
Is it possible to use the wiimote instead of the ir webcam
sambam20067 years ago
What size acrylic did you use? And whats the thickness of it? Cheers, Sam