Picture of Interactive Quilt
This project is a hanging, interactive quilt for my 8 year-old daughter.  Each section of the quilt requires her to do something to activate either the lights or the sounds.  

Materials Needed

For Quilt:

-5 colors for background
-Backing & binding (about 1 yard)
-fairy dress & wings (hair)

Matching thread

Crib size cotton batting

Iron-on interfacing

Iron-on adhesive

Curtain rod to hang

Electronics can be purchased at Sparkfun

For Flower Circuit:
-Conductive thread
-Conductive fabric 4”x4”
-8 LEDs
-Lily Tiny
-Battery Holder

For Star Circuit:
-Conductive Thread
-Aluminum Duct Tape
-Sound buzzer
-Arduino Lily Pad

For Butterflies Circuit:
-Sound Sensor Kit from Aniomagic includes: sound sensor, sparkle, battery holder & five LEDs
-Conductive thread
-Butterflies (I found these at the craft store.)
-Copper tape to reinforce connection

For Fairy Circuit:
-10 white LEDs
-Conductive thread
-Lily Twinkle
-Lily Twinkle
-Battery and battery holder
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Step 1: Quilt Base

Picture of Quilt Base
• Cut 30 6”x 6” squares of fabric in colors of your choice
• Sew squares into rows 
• Sew rows together

Step 2: Step 2: Appliques

Picture of Step 2: Appliques
Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 10.31.28 PM.png
Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 10.31.46 PM.png
• Iron-on adhesive interfacing onto the wrong side of the fabric you’re using for the flowers, leaves, clouds & fairy dress.  This helps prevent fraying around the edges of your fabric as you work with it.  Do not use interfacing on the centers of your flowers or you won’t be able to see the lights as well.
• Cut out flowers, centers, leaves, & clouds out of fabric of your choice.  (See templates)
• Layout your pattern and zigzag around each one with your sewing machine.

Step 3: Step 3: Stars

Picture of Step 3: Stars
• Cut out various sizes of stars from aluminum duct tape (see templates)
• Arrange on quilt
• Peel off backing and stick to fabric
Love it! sooooo cute!
Kiteman2 years ago
Awesome job - there are contests you can enter this to, you know.
Very Cool idea. I know a little boy that would love this.