This project is a hanging, interactive quilt for my 8 year-old daughter.  Each section of the quilt requires her to do something to activate either the lights or the sounds.  

Materials Needed

For Quilt:

-5 colors for background
-Backing & binding (about 1 yard)
-fairy dress & wings (hair)

Matching thread

Crib size cotton batting

Iron-on interfacing

Iron-on adhesive

Curtain rod to hang

Electronics can be purchased at Sparkfun

For Flower Circuit:
-Conductive thread
-Conductive fabric 4”x4”
-8 LEDs
-Lily Tiny
-Battery Holder

For Star Circuit:
-Conductive Thread
-Aluminum Duct Tape
-Sound buzzer
-Arduino Lily Pad

For Butterflies Circuit:
-Sound Sensor Kit from Aniomagic includes: sound sensor, sparkle, battery holder & five LEDs
-Conductive thread
-Butterflies (I found these at the craft store.)
-Copper tape to reinforce connection

For Fairy Circuit:
-10 white LEDs
-Conductive thread
-Lily Twinkle
-Lily Twinkle
-Battery and battery holder

Step 1: Quilt Base

• Cut 30 6”x 6” squares of fabric in colors of your choice
• Sew squares into rows 
• Sew rows together
Love it! sooooo cute!
Awesome job - there are contests you can enter this to, you know.
Very Cool idea. I know a little boy that would love this.

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