Picture of Interactive Sound and light Sculputre

The following is a simple circuit and one way to use it, encased in Sugru.
Below was "supposed" to be the embedded video of this working, but I can not seem to embed the video :-(

Flash Animation

Step 1: Parts, etc.

Picture of Parts, etc.

One 8 ohm speaker
one flashing or rainbow LED
490 ohm resister if more then 4.5 v used for source (which would go between the Source  
    and the LED).
one 4.5-9 vdc source
some wire
one lever switch, light touch (SPDT, or STSP normally on switch).
and a few small but high mH coils
Wasagi4 years ago
Very Cool!
Goodhart (author)  Wasagi4 years ago
Thank you :-)