This instructable will teach you how to make a interactive map for tourism. This intractable is for the map of Mumbai City however it can be made for any county/city. The map will have 5-7 buttons indicating different landmarks/ tourist attractions. When button pressed that specific attraction will light up on the map and also a track will be played speaking about the tourist attraction

Step 1: Step 1: Gathering the Materials

1 Large wooden board

1 Large sheet of cardboard

1 12 volt battery

1 Copper

1 Roll of duct tape

1 Hot glue gun

1 Hot glue gun stick

1 Pair of scissors

1 Box cutter

1 Wire stripper

1 Cutting mat

Small printed pictures of the attractions (In this case 5)

5-7 Green alligator clips

5-7 Black alligator clips

Some LED lamps, depending on the number of attractions (In this case 5)

<p>This could make a fun kind of map for just about anything.</p>

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